The Visit With The Wolf That Might Want To Smash Me To Smithereens

so my memorial day weekend is dead,
but my potential werewolf behavior is still alive and kicking.
so remember i told you guys about a wolf that i was attracted to heavy?
i’m attracted to a lot of wolves heavy,
but this was a wolf that worked in a different building at my old job.
he wanted me to come over and get some free clothes,
but i was so caught up in the whirlwind that was ww.
he was sexy af and was in a relationship with a fox.
you might be getting it now.
well he hit up the other day,
which led into what happened yesterday

so last week,
i got a text from an anon number asking me how i was.
i honestly didn’t know who it was.
i took ww,
and a number of others,
out my phone on a heavy purge so it could have been anyone.

“i’m good.
wassup with you?” – i asked.

as we fonted,
he texted a few things that made me connect the dots.
my body suddenly felt very

well he was updating me that he left the old job,
was thinking about me,
and wanted to know what i have been up to.
he is now the supervisor of a department store in the city.

“come down and see me sometime.”

“well i’ll be down in the city over the weekend,
will you be working?”

there is a little event happening in my store too.
i’ll add you to the list.”

i lied.
my tail was gonna be home,
but i’d get up and go to the city for that meat.

so i got a haircut,
laid out a nice outfit,
and proceeded to go downtown.
no pun,
but future goals,
i wore:

black shirt
black jogger sweats; rolled up under my knees
red plaid shirt around my waist
hi-top jordans

when i got down there,
i saw him from afar.
he looked finer than he did when i saw him at work.
when he saw me,
his eyes lit up and opened his arms for a hug.

his chest>>>
his arms>>>
my horniness>>>

we caught up on the goings on in our lives.
strong eye contact.
i couldn’t stop looking at his lips as he talked.

“you sound like you been through some shit.
i may need to take you to dinner so we can talk about it.”

you should.”

throughout this conversation,
i couldn’t tell if he was still in a relationship.
at one point he said:

i’ve missed seeing that beautiful face of yours.”

at that point,
i didn’t care to ask.
that’s wrong,
i know.
it felt good.
i haven’t been flirted with in a long time.
i shut myself off after ww.
when a wolf of your fantasies is on top of the flirting
look i threw all the fucks i had out the window.

i ended up getting some free products from the event.
after it was done,
i went back to his department and let him know i was leaving.
he hugged me and i made sure to run my paws up his arm.
he was “skrongs”.
the “pick you up and fuck you” type of “skrongs”.

when i got home,
i texted him a “thank you” for the invite.
i also added a “let’s do it again soon” for good measure.

i can’t wait to see you again.
next time you down here,
make sure you come see me.
don’t front on me.”

i won’t.

18 thoughts on “The Visit With The Wolf That Might Want To Smash Me To Smithereens

  1. I hope he smashes your cakes into another dimension…I mean I hope that he’s single and ready to mingle. 😃

  2. GET. IT. IN. If you don’t, someone else will. I’m STILL trying to find the one I let get away in college.

  3. Well hopefully he is single, then you will be able to make that move. At the same time, you do not want to be a rebound either.

  4. High five 🤚🏿 you got to flirt and got free stuff !

    From your posts on him he seems like a cool upstanding kind of guy, so something tells me he might be single or he might just be really friendly. I definitely say keep this going but don’t jump in head first ( remember we tend to do that without having a exit plan) 😉

    But like any good fox you made sure you looked bomb 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  5. I remember! Let’s see what happens. I’m really rooting for you J! You got this! Side note: You should write novels….this blog is addictive.

  6. Yes Yes Yesssss, I’m living for this story. He seems like he is interested in you and hopefully he is single, and I hope you’ll connect asap. I hope this works out for you, everyone needs someone to love. You have been through so much, and it’s time for you to have a bae.

    1. ^i want that pipe.
      i have wanted fit from the first time i saw him.
      i’m gonna go with the flow,
      but if he even asks to come to my crib,
      i’m gonna be ready.

  7. So I like to see the potential good in every situation, and I think he hit you up because he is newly single and ready to mingle! You do have some fuckboi’s out there who will creep while they have a fox at home, but I don’t think this is the case. Have fun, be smart and see where it goes!

    1. To add to what Neil said, I think he may have broken up with his mans. If so, you dealing with a dude that has honor and respect. He wants you, but outta respect of his bf, he didn’t pursue.That’s a good look. Are u looking to just smash or do you want a potential relationship from this?

      1. ^my body is doing more of the talking than my mind.
        he maybe in “rebound” mode so i do want anything that will hurt me in the future.
        at this point,
        im ready to be smashed wild and see what happens after.

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