well that karma came through faster than i thought

i know you want revenge on those who hurt you,
but i’ve learned something along the way:

God and the universe get even for you

now it’s okay to get angry and pop a lot of shit.
we aren’t robots and have feelings.
it’s best to leave all the “pay back” to whoever you believe in.
 hold your head high and move tf on.
you will get your retribution.
so i got a call from a friend from my last job earlier.
they were calling to check in on me.
i’ve done a full vanishing act to get my fur together.
i asked how things were going thus far.
i was feeling nosy.

“so you know your replacement you trained?”


“she dipped outta here a week later after you.
straight up left. “

the replacement was the one i trained,
that unbeknownst to me,
was taking my spot.
they bragged in my face about “how she was catching on” and even gave her bigger responsibilities.
the same shit they said about me when i got there.
it hurt my feelings,
but what could i do?
isn’t that how it usually goes anyway?
folks try to replace you with someone they deem “better”,
but end up losing 10 times worst in the end.

did she say why she left?”

the position wasn’t what she signed up for.”

funny that i said the same exact thing.
and one of the kiss asses who was egging on my replacement?
well they just got all the “bigger responsibilities” since she left.
no more doing shit all day and shopping online.
i hear they’re  upset with these sudden new changes.
it sounded like a two for one karmic special.

after hearing that news,
the #petty in me felt better.
to think,
everything was alllllll good until they fucked up.
they lost when they played dirty against me.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “well that karma came through faster than i thought”

    1. ^im sure more karma is coming their way.
      the job sucks and gets bad reviews everywhere.
      i think they are comfortable in their own filth at this point

  1. That’s what usually happens. These businesses don’t appreciate their employees, or they hire people that are not “people persons” to try and be managers/supervisors…and the shyt backfires spectacularly.

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