mario posts a thirst trap and the secret to whiter teeth

what happened to mario?
he just up and vanished from the “r&b” scene.
my favorite song of his will always be:

i have legit listened to that song on repeat all day once.
i’ve seen some interesting thirst traps in my foxhole life.
straight wolves will do anything,
and i mean anything,
to let you know they are packing in the front and back.
what about whitening your teeth?
this is where mario comes in.
this is what a foxholer sent me…

he use to be packin in the back

…but i didn’t know the front too.
it looks…

you know what’s crazy foxhole?
i literally got activated charcoal to whiten my teeth the other day.

i’ve been brushing my teeth with it and it works pretty well.

1) wet toothbrush
2) dip in charcoal
3) brush for 2 minutes
4) spit it out
5) brush again with wet toothbrush

i don’t use toothpaste with it.
it’s messy af tho.
don’t make the mistake of opening your mouth while brushing.
learn from my mistakes.
you can buy it from here:

12 thoughts on “mario posts a thirst trap and the secret to whiter teeth

  1. Never ever use Baking Soda for your teeth…Remember that Baking Soda has a PH that will damage your gums.

    White teeth are oveeeover…as long as they are not dandelion yellow. I’m more concerned about your breath and the color of your tongue.

  2. He looks great i hope this thirst trap sort of catapults his career, i doubt it but one can hope.

  3. Mario just releases a song called Drowning last week.

    Did you know feet, hand and height aren’t linked to penis size? It’s determined by hereditary genetics.

    To know if a guy is packing, there is a correlation with nose size.

    What people have large noses and have been ridiculed so much that they get it chopped off to look like Voldemort? *cough * Jackson and Braxton families *cough*

  4. He’s delicious from head to dick apparently. I’ve always been a fan, his first 3 albums definitely were apart of my young adult years. He lacks direction and how to fit into a new era of music which is sad because with his talent he ought to be running the charts.

    I’ll check into this charcoal stuff. Anything to avoid the dentist I’m with lol.

  5. makes sense, he just released a new single last week!
    Whiten those teeth Mario 🙂

  6. He sure is packing… Brb I’m going to buy some charcoal. Sick of using baking soda on my teeth lol

    Toothpaste is for the birds

  7. I had forgot about him, but he looks really good. Let me talk to you for a second Mario

  8. Mario, hurry up release a track soon. I’m tired of these little early 20 something singers and their drip drop music. Show them how it’s really done lol 😂

    1. I just listened to a new track from him tonight. It was a LOT of falsetto. I wouldn’t have known if i didn’t see it was from him…👎🏾 but looking how he’s looking, I’d buy anything he was selling!

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