her husband thought her teeth would look better on the floor

as i was podcasting last night,
a foxholer sent me this story that i mentioned it while on air.
we have fonted about many things over the years,
but this story had me in a whole state of wtf.
a wife had 3 kids with her husband,
but come to find out,
none of the kids were his.
so this is what he did (viewer discretion is strongly advised)…

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mario posts a thirst trap and the secret to whiter teeth

what happened to mario?
he just up and vanished from the “r&b” scene.
my favorite song of his will always be:

i have legit listened to that song on repeat all day once.
i’ve seen some interesting thirst traps in my foxhole life.
straight wolves will do anything,
and i mean anything,
to let you know they are packing in the front and back.
what about whitening your teeth?
this is where mario comes in.
this is what a foxholer sent me…
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I Wonder How This Person Gives Head?

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 11.35.18 AMi bet the head is an adventure.
trying to not get scraped.
worse: bitten.
so is this real?

like my other mistake with the sausage,
is this a photoshop?
how the hell did they get so much damn teeth in their mouth?

lowkey: i don’t think i could date someone with mouth piece like this.
even if they looked like this:

tumblr_mjgnmePqVi1rsn9myo1_400i have limits.


First of all,
the weather is extremely disrespectful today.
It is HOT as hell.

do people shower?
I mean, do they really shower?

I walked past a Vixen earlier: STANK.
I walked past a Wolf earlier: STANK.

In the summertime,
you got to do a little bit more.
You can’t just roll out of bed and walk outside.
Especially in 100 degree weather.
So cum on in…

So, let’s get fresh

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