First of all,
the weather is extremely disrespectful today.
It is HOT as hell.

do people shower?
I mean, do they really shower?

I walked past a Vixen earlier: STANK.
I walked past a Wolf earlier: STANK.

In the summertime,
you got to do a little bit more.
You can’t just roll out of bed and walk outside.
Especially in 100 degree weather.
So cum on in…

So, let’s get fresh



No excuses.
Especially if you are going out in the day.
Summer has a way of making your drawz a gas chamber of funk.
I use soap these days.
Body wash is cool,
but it doesn’t really get you all the way clean.
Two of my favorite soaps:



One of the good things about Lava is it has pumice in it.
It literally scrubs you clean (so don’t scrub HARD)
A nice body wash I did discover recently:


Gets you clean and has an AMAZING smell.


Arm & Hammer.
No reason for bad breath and yellow teeth in 2012.
WILD disrespectful for someone’s nose.
The heat enhances that “tart times 20”.
Brush your teeth and do a HEAVY gargle of Listerine.


You should not be walking the streets,
playing ball,
or even going to the store without some under arm protection.
No excuses.
I use this:


Keeps me fresh pretty much all day.


Baby oil
is too heavy in the summer.
It will have you out here walking around looking like a glazed ham.
So I suggest you keep it light.
Try this:



I also put a little baby powder on my chest and back.
For some odd reason, that soaks up the sweat.


(also SPF if you head to the beach or pool)


Since it is too hot to wear socks,
put a little baby powder in your shoes.
It absorbs the sweat you feet produce in your shoes.
It helps your feet not smell like Fritos when you pull them off.
NOTHING WORSE…. than stank feet.
Also look into a manicure and pedicure (especially if you plan on wearing sandals)


No need for a  heavy scent.
You want something light,
but says SUMMER.
This is my scent secret that usually has everyone asking me why I smell so good:

Wolves and Vixens always compliment me when I wear this.
It doesn’t overpower in the summer time, which is always a nice touch.
Make sure it matches your body chemistry.
Look for these other good ones:

Issey Miyake’s L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme Summer Edition

Marc Jacobs Men

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue

(YES YES YES!!!!!)

Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme

These buys are pretty affordable and can be found at your local drug stores.
(the colognes range from 50 to 75 dollars.
always investigate for the lower deal in your area.)

13 thoughts on “SUMMER TIME FOX FRESHNESS (Lessons In Fresh 101)

  1. Jamari, will you PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE review this article for this year!!! I have had seen and smelled some of the same problems this summer. What was that body wash and deoderant you was referring to?

  2. It’s very important to keep your hygine in check period, not only in the summertime. I use plenty of deodorant and lotion, and sometimes I apply deodorant twice a day, especially if I’m going to be outside in the sun. Brushing your teeth is a must too. I don’t want anyone around me with skinking breath. I like to take care of my teeth and keeping them clear of bacteria. I haven’t had a cavity a day in my life.

  3. Glad to see some of my everyday tools listed on the post, I guess its safe to say We’re on the right track Jamari! lol

  4. I prefer gel deodorant as I hate the white residue that the powdered ones leave. Also, you have to ensure that wash and condition your hair, especially if you perspire a lot or use hair grease/oils. An exfoliant is great for your skin to help remove dead skin cells, but like Wolfie said, use it every other day. You should wash your face with a cleanser day and night. Dove makes a great one. Drink plenty of water.

  5. I will say that washing too often will dry you out, and if you use something that exfoliates (face or body), only use it every other time, or your pores will be too open & you can get bacteria (blackheads, etc.)

    Also – stay away from mineral oil (baby oil, vaseline, lotions that have it as one of their top ingrdients); it basically puts a film over your body, but your skin can’t breathe. Look for those after-shower oils or shea butter – something like that.

    1. ^great advice.
      Everyone please keep it cummin.

      There are some smelly Foxes, Wolves, Hybrids in the nation that need this advice.
      We don’t do “smell bad” round these parts.

  6. I love this list!

    My favorite soap is Irish Spring Body Wash or Dove Men (any scent is good).

    I take baths most of the time because you are able to soak. I add a bit of oil ( half virgin oil/ half ‘Hot Six Oil) in my bath water and I also apply it on my skin when I get out of the tub. I mix cocoa butter, shea butter and hot oil six to make a special lotion (I have severe dry skin) and it gives my skin a healthy glow (make the boys crazy).

    For Deodorant I use Arm & Hammer, that stuff is amazing!

    Also I wanted to add that you can find some of these same colognes in department stores such as Marshalls or T.J. Max. or you can check out the ma & pa perfume stores. Baby powder alone with a nice bath/shower is the best cologne!

  7. Let us not forget that in hot weather, hair harbors smells. It is impertinent that u trim, cut or shave that body hair. Pubes and underarms do not need to be long enough to braid. Also, stay away from strict solid deodorant. There is nothing more nasty than seeing rolled up white mush balls under ones arms

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