Kim Kardashian Is The Canal Street of Soul Food

Kim just digs a hole for herself doesn’t she?
She should know Twitter was about to fuck her whole shit up when she said she was cooking “soul food“.
She ended up posting a picture of the soul food in question…

People are WILD disrespecftulllllllll.
If you go look up her mentions,
it looks like a crime scene.

lowkey: ye is probably not even looking at his mentions for the next few days lol
i wonder if she ever feels bad when she reads her mentions and she sees total annihilation?

Author: jamari fox

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8 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian Is The Canal Street of Soul Food”

  1. I usually bash Kim, but I won’t this time cause she’s doing nothing wrong but catering to her man, which is something many women don’t do. Why are people going to her twitter page talking shit? I don’t get that. They’re not fans, but they are always wondering what she’s doing. That’s why I don’t do Twitter and Facebook.

    The food doesn’t looks bad to me. At the end of the day, it’s the thought that counts. She’s doing it for her man. If a dude cooked me food and it wasn’t good I would tell him, but he still would get points from me for that. Just knowing that your willing to embarass yourself in the kitchen to attempt to please me says a lot about you.

  2. It doesn’t matter what she does, people will not like her. Yet, you’re following her to see she posted this. Sounds more like you’re losing. If I don’t care about you, I’m dayum sure not gonna follow you on Twitter/Instagram or the like *shrug*

  3. The Man said it right. Folks need to stop fucking hating and get a life. Kim is Armenian
    It shows how open and loving she is to at least try to prepare Black Southern cuisine. I have to give her respect for that.

  4. Look at Kimmy Kakes tryna burn. She did that. Only thing missing was some yams/sweet potatoes.

    That timeline was unnecessary and rude–racist and speaking ill of the dead, damn shame.

    I know tons of heffas who has never even attempted to cook a meal for their man–same chicks who wonder why they can’t keep a man. Ol’ selfish non-cooking heffas. At least she tried soul food, let them hateful hoes attempt Armenian food.

  5. The food didn’t look bad. i hope it was good. We’ve all have someone’s food that had that look but lacked that taste. My only complaint is…….Why she gotta be cooking “soul food”? She could have just said she was cooking for her man. People would have been hating anyway but the “soul food” really tripped her up.

  6. Yall right, but I’m not gonna lie, some of the responses made me laugh and she really set the pick by saying “soul food”. I think people just like to hate on Kim, I don’t think it comes from a place of malice, its just a fun thing to do. But yeah it could hurt her feelings.

  7. I just dont understand why Kanye is with her for this long…… can someone please give me understanding? -____-

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