you can be as sexy as boris kodjoe too!

so charles older brother,
boris kodjoe,
was my teenage dream.
i’ll never forget when he popped up on the show,
“soul food”:

as a cub,
i thought he was the finest wolf i’d ever seen.
did you know he use to have hair?
like many males,
he ended up losing it.
as you know,
i had the same issue recently.
( x see it here )
a lot of males don’t like to talk about this.
well boris wanted to inspire those who are losing their hair.
this is what he put up on his instagram

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You Couldn’t Tell Me I Wasn’t Gonna Be With Kenny Chadway

fuck boris kodjoe (kinda).
fuck that other guy who danced in those britney videos.
i wanted kenny chadway (and the man who played him).
i was going to get kenny and he would smooth give me a work out.
something about him turned me on.
i don’t know if it was his laid back nature or how he carried himself on screen,
but he (and terri/boris) were the reasons i watched soul food: the series.

i found these gems on youtube and they took me back.
back to when i was super young and still trying to find myself.
back when i was scared to even accept my feelings for wolves,
but i knew¬† i was attracted to them…

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Kim Kardashian Is The Canal Street of Soul Food

Kim just digs a hole for herself doesn’t she?
She should know Twitter was about to fuck her whole shit up when she said she was cooking “soul food“.
She ended up posting a picture of the soul food in question…

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1 is the UN-Loneliest Number

Going out alone has always been weird to me.

I am so use to finding someone else to tag along with to occupy time.
I always felt it meant you were a loner or banished by society.
Lately, I have been feeling unfulfilled with people in my life.
Tired of waiting for phone calls, waiting for late people to arrive, and tired of being alone even if I am out with a ton of people
(read between the lines of that last statement).

So, I made a desicion to go out and enjoy my life as a solo act.
Go out there, network, and find what I am looking for.

Pop the hood for what I discovered…

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