You Couldn’t Tell Me I Wasn’t Gonna Be With Kenny Chadway

fuck boris kodjoe (kinda).
fuck that other guy who danced in those britney videos.
i wanted kenny chadway (and the man who played him).
i was going to get kenny and he would smooth give me a work out.
something about him turned me on.
i don’t know if it was his laid back nature or how he carried himself on screen,
but he (and terri/boris) were the reasons i watched soul food: the series.

i found these gems on youtube and they took me back.
back to when i was super young and still trying to find myself.
back when i was scared to even accept my feelings for wolves,
but i knew¬† i was attracted to them…

^this is the scene that turned me on to him the most.


^…and i’d be the idiot to answer the phone too.

i need to get the whole soul food: the series collection.
i stopped watching and lost track.
but, boris kodjoe does get an honorable mention:

i remember when i first saw him on that show for the first time.
holy shit.
although i hear he isn’t a nice person.
i don’t want him to actually talk, do i?

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8 thoughts on “You Couldn’t Tell Me I Wasn’t Gonna Be With Kenny Chadway”

  1. Rockmond is phyne…and #datazz? Whoo, Lawd…

    I’ll fvcks with Boris too…he just needs to look pretty

  2. Oh yea I love Rockmond Dunbar’s sexy ass. He has a nice shape.

    Boris is sexy too. His smile just does it for me.

  3. My, my, my, that Rockmond is fine as hell. I have always wanted a slice of that cake.

    Boris is fine, too. He’s a little on the skinny side. I have never heard anything alarming about his personality, so I hope that is not true.

  4. Yes sir! Please and thank you. Nothing like a fine ass grown ass man.

    I’d co-sign on a loan for Rockmond.

    Boris fine as hell but he don’t have no ass, at all. Rockmond got some cakes, and thighs, and he just fucking sexy, and I bet he dont even know it.

  5. Rockmond Dunbar is EVERYTHANG! He was so sexy in Soul Food & Punks, he’s aged a bit now, but I’ll still let him take it down lol. There’s this episode of sould food where they show is dick print and I almost lost it. Boris is sexy, but he’s almost too pretty, Rockmond is a bit more rough around the edges, but still sexy as hell. THAT’S HOW I LIKE EM’

  6. I have always held a candle for my boy Rockmond. Boris was cute but SO boring to me. Rockmond reminds me of the DILF type….your best friend’s dad. They used to say that he was gay/bisexual until this one bold ass queen hit him up on facebook and he shut the queen down.

    He is VERY humble and sweet though. He used to retweet my links whenever I posted stuff about him.

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