Frank Ocean Bridges His Gap

i thought his gap was cute.
made him stand out.

but, we are mainstream now.
things must change with your growing brand…

he actually has nice white teeth.
i wonder if that hurt doing that?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Frank Ocean Bridges His Gap”

  1. He didn’t need them done, I like them the way they were, but he’s a bad ass dude so it’s cool.

    Frank is such a damn cutie. I hope he’s a Fox.

  2. I thought his whole shtick was about being authentic and doing his own thing despite what people think? Strange he’d get that procedure done out of pure vanity and conformity (because it isn’t improving his health in anyway). I guess going mainstream will cause you to do that. I wouldnt be surprised if he starts working out too.

      1. He closed his gap= Vanity. I got the impression he was the type of artist who didn’t follow norms (i.e. coming out) as well as producing his own style of music. Maybe even embracing his flaws (like his gap). But perhaps i was wrong? I find it strange that he’d choose the procedure because people ive known who’ve done it only did it to look more “normal.” Perhaps he’s a little more into conformity than i thought he was.

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