Songzbird Invites Stevie J To Attempt To Sell This Record

songzbird is desperate… and i love his desperate ass.

he done got stevie j to make an appearance in his new video, “Hail Mary“…

stevie j reminds me of that drunk uncle who comes to family functions with a new hoe and a new scheme.
but, i guess this is good marketing for songzbird.
stevie j is popular right now and people will tune in to see him….
…and i hope the new song at hand.

ok, how much videos is this trey????????
i mean, seriously????????….

here are some more pictures from the set:

video premieres tomorrow.
quick snippet of the song:


yeah, i need trey to do A LOT better.

10 thoughts on “Songzbird Invites Stevie J To Attempt To Sell This Record

    1. He is something pretty to watch; but someone likes his sound…he makes the fysh wet *shrug*

  1. WTF is he doing? This album will be a flop. Yup I’m calling it already. Trey needs to get back to R&B. He must have some great ass because he sould have been out of a record deal. Somebody is tearing that ass to pieces. It might be Stevie J. LOL

    S/N: I can’t lie; Trey looks cute in that gif.

    1. Like I said, he only became hot when Chris fucked up and Usher was ‘married’. I like the OLD Trey did gave us good music and not this sex crazed shit. We all know he ain’t checking for a chick…..

      1. Could you imagine waking up to eyes and a smile that pretty? Makes you wanna cook him breakfast in bed and feed it to him. Sometimes I wish he wasn’t the way he is. LOL

  2. Trey Songz is so hit and miss to me. He has a couple of good songs but not a classic. I’d take a Luke James or Miguel album over Trey Songz anyday.

    This is really the perfect time for a good male R&B/Pop newcomer to make a name for themselves. Everyone is so bland now.

  3. I guess…

    What’s going on with Trey. Every since Chris Brown came back onto the scene, he kinda went back into irrelevancy. You know he was only THAT ninja when Chris caught that case and nobody would fuck with him. I would like Trey if he didn’t come off so cocky..

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