Corbin Bleu and His Tight Pants Dance The Night Away

tumblr_mtyshqtdEf1qby1lio2_500so when i first met corbin bleu,
it was at an event a couple years ago.
i didn’t even know who he was,
but he walked up and shook my hand.
we didn’t talk long,
but i remember him being very nice.
i appreciate celebrities like that.
well corbin is now on dancing with the stars this season.
my favorite assologist sent me emails for the wolves because…

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The Pretend Reality Show

reality-tv-illustrationi always had a feeling reality shows were fake.
i didn’t want to believe it,
ya know?
people would tell me,
but i wanted to hold onto the hope it was at least realistic.
that bottle flying for that vixen’s head.
tearing up the store or restaurant.
“this bitch is shaking the table!”
that big ass armenian family and their wacky hijinks.
i thought it meant something.
who knew all of it was really all acting?
i should have known better.
i soon found out…

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before i start on yours…

did she look like a bag of money tonight?!?!?!
they looked really cute:

i loved how well they cleaned up.
that is how you do it.
you did me proud breezy wolf.
okay got that out the way.
now onto frankie…..

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The Future Love Song for Kevin McCall?

one of our wolf favorites is gone ya’ll.

well not really.
he is just giving a vixen some serious peen now.
i hope she knows how to take it.
and well.
you won’t believe who he is dating

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High Definition For Dummies

i found this site on tumblr,
i have been fascinated for the last hour.
take a look inside:


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Saturday Night Glee-ver… Get It? No? Okay.

corny i know.
i tried to be quirky.

i found myself watching the new season of glee today.
i know.
how gay are you?
glee manages to entertain me with the drama and the song choices.
i like they turn current/past hits into interesting little numbers on the show.
i love the sarcasm.
but whatever.
i’m man enough to say i like it.

this entry comes on the heels just as we were discussing color issues within the community.
i know the following that i think are handsome don’t help…
does it?

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