Corbin Bleu and His Tight Pants Dance The Night Away

tumblr_mtyshqtdEf1qby1lio2_500so when i first met corbin bleu,
it was at an event a couple years ago.
i didn’t even know who he was,
but he walked up and shook my hand.
we didn’t talk long,
but i remember him being very nice.
i appreciate celebrities like that.
well corbin is now on dancing with the stars this season.
my favorite assologist sent me emails for the wolves because…

29241fgdgfdgf… apparently corbin is stacked in the back.
funny i didn’t notice when we met…

…but i guess he has a donk.
not even mad corbin.
i guess you’ll get some votes this season from the foxhole, huh?
tune in to dwts every monday at 8pm.

x see the line up

6 thoughts on “Corbin Bleu and His Tight Pants Dance The Night Away

  1. WOW. I haven’t seen Corbin in a while. I was turned on like crazy looking at him in those videos. His body frame looks so good. He looks like he could be John Legend’s little brother.

  2. Corbin has grown up nice & filled out in all the right places. I’ll have to start voting in dwts…he’s half Jamaican. The Jamaican half been eating lots of patty & coco bread and it settle in his ass!

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