WOLF MEAT: (404)

whoababyso my fav assologist is back.
he decided to send in a submission of this wolf meat he got for his fellow wolves.
that is a lot to be carrying,
don’t ya think?

photo courtesy: assallday

Corbin Bleu and His Tight Pants Dance The Night Away

tumblr_mtyshqtdEf1qby1lio2_500so when i first met corbin bleu,
it was at an event a couple years ago.
i didn’t even know who he was,
but he walked up and shook my hand.
we didn’t talk long,
but i remember him being very nice.
i appreciate celebrities like that.
well corbin is now on dancing with the stars this season.
my favorite assologist sent me emails for the wolves because…

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How Does King James Get In His Pants?

lebrondonkeven tho his toes are throwing up gang signs,
king james has one of the best all wolf bodies in the nba.
imagine all that laying on top of you?
im leakin’ just thinkin about it.
his thighs and donk>>>>>
yeah i can def look past the toe situation.

Introducing… Donkey Kong Butt Cheeks

donkeykongbuttcheeksfrom the makers of ( x make it clap ),
wolves here comes “donkey kong butt cheeks”…

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Kanye West Has A Donkey On His Back

Kanye+West+Shopping+At+Cartier+KMjOuTo32-Tx…and it’s not kim or kris.
kanye west
went to cartier yesterday in beverly hills.
he probably went to buy something pretty for… himself.
you know how ye do.
i guess he took on most of the baby weight.
where did ye get this donk from?…

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WOLF MEAT: (165)

the following wolf meat screams:

is this even real???….

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