WOLF MEAT: (404)

whoababyso my fav assologist is back.
he decided to send in a submission of this wolf meat he got for his fellow wolves.
that is a lot to be carrying,
don’t ya think?

photo courtesy: assallday

8 thoughts on “WOLF MEAT: (404)

  1. I see that my pic(s) have been stolen. I took this pic and I’m the one who works with this dude. And I have several pics of this dude. My pics can be seen on flickr. Why can’t people stop stealing others pics. You should just direct people to the site where you saw it.

    1. ^well aj i apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused on your end.
      it’s frustrating,
      I’m sure.
      this picture was sent in to me as a submission.
      i have NO problem giving credit where credit is due.
      if you have the website it’s from,
      it can easily be directed with a link as well as your information.
      no fuss; no muss.

  2. Wow. You need to tell your fav assologist to take more than one picture. We need pictures of this cat from every angle imaginable.

  3. Good looking out assologist.

    That is one fat ass right there. He know what he’s doing. He has his hands all in his pockets trying to play innocent.

  4. Oh my… I don’t know what I’d do if I saw a dude I worked with with an ass like that.

    Man, us gays need to come up with a secret sign so we can recognize each other without anyone else knowing.I heard in prison, they sag their pants to let other prisoners know that booty is ready.Showing your ass like that dude in the pic should be our signal.How could you not notice that.I’d report him for teasing.

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