MEAT: (533)

tumblr_mv20nxJpDo1roudvdo1_500“well hello…”
ok this one is all over tumblr.
especially for ( x nsfw ).
do you see that fox?
omg ok…
so who is he?
where is he from?
and why does everyone want to smash?
well besides the obvious.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

26 thoughts on “MEAT: (533)”

  1. I thought you posted his pictures before?He looks familiar?He probably just looks similar to a previous wolf.He looks good though.I’ll bite that lip for him.

    Waves and goatee on point.

  2. Keep it moving Jamari….that aint what you want. His name is JuJu and if you are in the DMV area he will fuck you good for $85. He is also a ballroom kid and walks sex siren for the house of Kahn. He has a day job as a singer on a love boat in DC and actually has a college degree but he enjoys slanging his big 10 inch dick for coins. If you need any other info I can direct you to his Escort ads, instagram, or ballroom vids. But trust me nothing to see her lol

    1. *puts his dossier in the file cabinet under “do not let enter”.
      god i love my blog.
      shit fly thanks for the info.
      i shoulda knew something was up.
      someone one tumblr said he got that “booty work”.

      lets see his instagram.

      1. He does tho! He mighty be a shiesty mofo but he got ass for days. He got it in the front and back. I can send it later, one of my homies follows him but I think its private

    2. $85.00? Let me get my wallet out and see what I got. I wonder if I can beat his cheeks for that price. Nawwww I’m kidding. He look good tho, but if he is into all of this, he can kick rocks man.

  3. He’s from North Carolina originally. I know him. Or knew him. People do change. Because he used to not be into that ballroom ish like the person above stated.

  4. Damn the Foxy Bureau of Investigations dont play, I know who to call if a Ninja steals my EBT card and buy his baby mama some Ramen noodles. Its amazing how these attention whores always get clocked. You never know who will show up in this joint with the Tea.

    1. We just don’t want to sleep with a high end prostitute. Who wants to pay for sex? I don’t think so, not cool. He looks really good in his pics, but nah I’m good. Now since he has a degree, he might do it to pay off loans, but who am I kidding he probably does this cause he wants to lol.

  5. Yea he live in Suitland. Shit that’s Suitland station. he a freaky dude. Don’t ask how I know. I’m sleep lmao

  6. @KingP Got Damn this is a small ass world! I know of “JuJu” from my hometown in NC. lol. He was cool back in the day. We actually used to work together in the mall. He had a huge crush on me back then, I thought he was hot, but I wasn’t messing with guys yet. Anywho, he went off to college got into the gay lifestyle deeply. I move to DC and guess who I run into? lol. He told me he’s up here doing some “modeling” I later come to find out he’s escorting through one of my colleagues up here. All I can say is wow! He has a nice dick and he’s a wolf, but you if you’re escorting I feel like the right coin can make you transform to a fox quick. I just hope he continues to be safe as well as his customers!

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