We All Cum Together For Messy Mondays #lhhny

where the hell was you going with that stray punch?
she was completely open and you completely missed.
stop it and sit cho ass down.
so i have some thoughts on this love and hiphop ny reuinon

  1. monique and that iyanla vanzant intro.
    cut the jibba jabba!
    lets get to the the ratchets!
  2. yandy talkin about menfeces <<<< mute.
  3. erica mena.
    this is why you can’t take bisexuals and cornballs seriously.
  4. i already addressed that wack fight.
  5. nya lee wearing that peacock thing >>>>
    i can’t get mad she remembered to rock her feathers proud.
  6. joesph looked so good in his salmon sweater.
    i have a thing for joesph.
    i know he is bat shit crazy,
    i know he is.
    i want to sit on his tiny penis tho.
    i just want him to whisper nasty things to me.
  7. who the hell approved that hairstyle on tara??!!?!?!
    i meannn…..

  8. how triflin was it for them to perform that song?
    she is better than my crazy ass.
    tumblr_mxclg2Rttt1qzberoo1_500“oh i wish i would have sneaked my pistol on this stage.
    its okay tho.
    i may have to shoot this muthafucka in his asshole when we get outta here.”
  9. “i got somebody waiting on yo ass.
    i aint consequence nigga.
    i will end you.
    and thats a fact.” – rasheeda
    shit i believe her.
    you see her hair color?
  10. i guess k michelle said fuck it and fuck this.
    i wasn’t a real cast member any-damn-way.
  11. is it me or do they all look like birds in the face?
    like, real life birds.
    bald eagles.
    i guess its true when females keep up withbird drama.
    they start to look like one eventually.
  12. the first part of the reunion was “eh”.
    lets hope the second brings it.
  13. i’m soooooooo not interested in basketball la.
    get that shit outta hea.
    lets bring on love and hiphop atl.
    for those who haven’t seen it yet:

x watch love and hiphop ny: the reunion here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “We All Cum Together For Messy Mondays #lhhny”

  1. I really hoped Nya would be the one to get Erica but that big ol wind up swing she did was no where near Erica’s face.Nya looks like she could knock a bitch out too.

    Tara looks like she got into a fight with scissors and the scissors won.

    I think these ratchet reality shows are starting to finally lose steam like the “looking for love” shows did.

  2. Why is Joe so handsome? He looks really good. I do not think he cheated on Tahiry, I just don’t. Joe is the type of dude that could easily be kept in check if he is with the right person.

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