Omarion Has A New Beard

Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 1.30.06 AMlighten up on the beijing o-cakes.
so omarion is looking more grown up.
i guess he is trying to shed that “lil fox guy” image.
well when you are 4’11,
that’s no easy task.
ask: bow wow.

either way,
this new beard of his is pretty and super thick.
inspiration: suge knight?
i dunno if i like it yet.
maybe i need to see it in motion.
picture courtesy: his instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Omarion Has A New Beard”

  1. Omarion tries too hard to be attractive.I think he’s cute but it seems like he’s always trying to be or look sexy.Sort of like Trey Songz always trying to mention/remind people how much he likes women.The beard is sexy though.Men look way better with facial hair than without.

    Him and Bow Wow are not really 4’11 are they?If they aren’t then I’m gonna get my Nigerian friends to put a Santeria Voodoo spell on you for making fun of their height.You’re gonna fall in love with a midget.He’ll be 3 foot 9.

    1. ^ive been around omarion once,
      he is really short.
      i exaggerated the 4’11 tho lol

      i agree with what you said about him trying to be sexy.
      now he is trying to be a thug since he is signed with mmg.
      too much.

  2. J, you know you are WRONG for this post! I was thinking you were referring to a “bread”… like a “how you doing?’s” beard… It looks good on him though. I just started wearing mine for the first time in my life, and I’m 32y/o. It makes you look manlier and more distinct (in most cases).

  3. That shit fake af. How could you all not notice? Nah, I’m playing. People were saying that it was, but clearly it isn’t since he’s been rockin a beard for a minute now. I actually like it. Ol dude is looking good these days, not gonna lie. He is short, but he is a lot of man physically. He got a cute face, pretty eyes, buff body, and he got a fat one back there. I love looking at that ass.

    At times Omarion has me feeling some type way. Sometimes I like him, but he has the habit of letting people down with his antics. Remember when he posted that fake dick pic? Shit like that is what turns me off. That already let me know that he ain’t big, but I don’t care since all I want is that ass.

    1. Didn’t Big Sean claim a fake dick pic was his and it turned out the dude didn’t even have his same body type.Deez niggaz be desperate to look like their packing.They do realize they’ll get pussy regardless of how big their dick is?It’s all about status when you’re a celebrity.Mini-Me from Austin Powers gets pussy and he’s 2 foot 8.He even had a sex tape… BARF!

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