Kellon Deryck Needs A Beard?

i love wolves who can change their fur.
one day you have a fade and the next you have dreadlocks.
it takes skill to be vers with your look and it works.
the bae in my head,
kellon deryck,
is one of those creatures.
he has gone through many looks and they always work.
he lowered his beard today and well…
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Lance Gross Doesn’t Do The Right Thing For Ya’ll With This Missing Beard

i don’t know if it’s fatherhood,
or that fur he put on top of his head,
but lance gross got finer than usual.
i mean,
he has always been fine,
but something is different about him.
lance is also one of the “00s sexy dark wolf” pioneers.
kofi seems to have snatched that title,
but lance is still a teenage chocolate dream.

well i think everyone forgot lance is an acting wolf.
he had to shave his mustache and beard for a recent role.
he put up this new picture of the final result and well…
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What Is The Truth About Playing Straight?

i’m confused about something.
maybe the foxhole can help me.
so after the last entry about kordell,
i’ve always wondered about beards.
not the one on your face fool.
not the “agency assigned beard” either,
you know the ones that are hired to help someone look straight.
they’ll create a whole story line of “straight drama” to keep rumors at bay.
i’m talmbout…

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I’d Sit On Kellon Deryck’s New Beard

Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 6.24.26 PMkellon deryck is a gorgeous black wolf.
is that okay to say?
i don’t want the alleged amiyah or alleged the chef coming over here for my neck.
well fuck them!
i can pay a compliment.
i love how he experiments with different looks.
i’m for him.

Your Parents May Know You Like Boys

tumblr_inline_ndasa2K2GL1sh5zsy…are ya?
​your parents.

aren’t they scary?
i know for some of us,
the thought of telling them we like men makes you break out in hives.
after watching that episode of “being mary jane” last night,
i did not see that twist coming…
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Your Beard Is Pretty

beards always look good on a man,
but i don’t think i’d let mine get this crazy.
i like a clean trimmed look on myself.
on my wolf however?
well that’s a different story.