Lance Gross Doesn’t Do The Right Thing For Ya’ll With This Missing Beard

i don’t know if it’s fatherhood,
or that fur he put on top of his head,
but lance gross got finer than usual.
i mean,
he has always been fine,
but something is different about him.
lance is also one of the “00s sexy dark wolf” pioneers.
kofi seems to have snatched that title,
but lance is still a teenage chocolate dream.

well i think everyone forgot lance is an acting wolf.
he had to shave his mustache and beard for a recent role.
he put up this new picture of the final result and well…


so i will admit,
there is a little bit of “beard fraudulence” going on.
he looks like “radio raheem” (rip) in “do the right thing”:

he looks like a completely different wolf in that picture.
i don’t think it’s a good picture.
when he takes pics with his beard/mustache,
he eye fucks the hell out that camera.
he looks unsure of himself in this new one.
you know i luh me some lance,
since he is a foxhole fav,
but ima be honest.

according to lance,
vixens decided to come for him on social media.
i guess this felt deceived in some way.
he fired back with this tweet:

i don’ t think he should have said anything.
they were coming at him wild crazy on his socials,
but did he need to respond?
if he did decided to entertain the masses,
hit em with a smooth

laughing at yourself always works.
say his situation will be back as soon as he’s done filming.
i’d even go as far as to do a shirtless shot once it’s back.
pussy soon forget when meat is on the menu.
don’t alienate your fan base because of a temper tantrum.
let it go and leave it alone.
that rugged jawline tho.

lowkey: imagine how most of us look without our beards/mustaches.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Lance Gross Doesn’t Do The Right Thing For Ya’ll With This Missing Beard”

  1. Lance should have just taken this as a joke, because his reply wasn’t necessarily. He looks hella different without the facial hair, but most pineapples looks different without their beards . I’m still waiting on a fox term for this lol

  2. I mean…to be honest…He do kinda look better with the little beard thing. Thank God he ain’t letting it go outta control. He looks nice without the beard but with the beard. He looks more suave.

  3. Lance like some of us has a long philtrum (space between the nose and upper lip) most of the time i find only guys with a fuller upper lip or shorter philtrum can pull off that no mustache look. I’m not part of that club sadly I always need mine😑

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