Tyrese Comes Clean (and Not In The Way You’d Like)

i’d be so embarrassed to be cheesing up in pictures with him.
she is better than me.
the reason i say this is because tyrese decided to come clean.
everything he told us,
while allegedly medicated,
was all lies.
his wife’s pregnancy and how he had no money.
he threw in an apology to some folks for good measure.
this is what “the jasmine brand” got for foxhole review…

*has foxholer bring in banishment papers*
there was a time i thought this cornball was fine af.
i couldn’t stand him due to my foxy senses,
but i had a lot of “hate sex” in my spirit towards him.
his tail was so beautiful at one point,
but now…

he is covered in 100% grade a wack sauce

i didn’t see any apologies towards the rock in that word vomit.
i’m curious to see how he’s gonna film with him in the future.
the rock could “un-secure his bag” real quick.
i doubt that “medication excuse” will fly twice.
he and the wife are in south africa with winnie mandela.

he can stay.

9 thoughts on “Tyrese Comes Clean (and Not In The Way You’d Like)

  1. He’s a liar. Remember he schooled black women repeatedly, then he married what he called his “black queen” but the obvious truth is that his wife is not black.

    He should “just” go away.. . . like the Kardashians!

  2. I never could stand Tyrese. He always came across like he was more than what he really was. Good luck to his wife.

  3. Boy Bye

    On Nov 13 you made a post about him when he Googled some pic of a medication and posted on his IG that he stopped taking the medication and he was fine because it was flushed from his system.After that IG post he posted again about his wife being pregnant.So if you stopped the medicine and you claim it’s no longer in your system how can you continue to blame the medication.Last week someone on his page asked him about a trip he took and how he could afford it He posted, I don’t pay for these trips (I’m paraphrasing ) So he lied about that too.

    I wish the manufacturers of the medication would sue his ass for slander.

    I predict in the next couple of weeks he is going to blame the medication for causing him to lie about some else like getting a film role.

  4. This fool is slowly KILLING what little career he has left. I don’t see any other roles appearing for him other than “Romeo” from the F&F franchise…and that’s about to wind down according to Vin Diesel. I think they have like two more to film and then they’re done. He’d better be saving those paychecks, because the singing career is done as well.

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