If You Could Ask Michael B. Jordan Anything…

i would surely entertain michael b. jordan.
i think he is sexy af and grown into his head tremendously.
his bawdy is something to be played with too.
so they are starting to gear up for “black planther”,
in which michael stars in,
so vogue had “73 questions” for him.

can you ask me how much i love his crib?
go head…
ask me…
one of his answers baffled me about his craziest rumor.
“i don’t date black vixens”.
is that really an alleged rumor tho?
he has kinda hinted in past interviews he liked everything “but”.
i won’t banish him for that until he gets disrespectful with it.
until then,
he is still a snack i’d love to munch on…

lowkey: i love the whole “73 questions”.
let me show the foxhole a few of my favorites…


Author: jamari fox

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10 thoughts on “If You Could Ask Michael B. Jordan Anything…”

  1. I normally don’t like MBJ but I have to give the man some credit, even though I still think he reminds me of one of them Angry Beavers from that Nickelodeon cartoon, he has a nice physique and as you said, his he has grown into his head. I’d would have preferred John Boyega have his role in Black Panther but meh…it’s still cool.

    If he dates everythang other than black women that’s cool. You like what you like.

    I always laugh tho when John Boyega was asked what kind of women he like, his response always make me laugh.

  2. Always thought MBJ was cute but never “went in” like most … but the fact that he knows who Alicia Myers is! #SWOON #InfiniteCoolPoints

  3. I love these to my faves so far have been tracee, Lupita SJP, I would love for Issa Rae, Chance the rapper, Sza, and Kerry Washington.

  4. I wasn’t into him before but seeing this made me see how more attractive he is, I hope he stays grounded.

    And that BW comment came across as pandering to me, a lot of famous hetero BM who get rich off the backs of BW will say whatever to appease to BW but their choice of partners says otherwise.. It’s always a non-black, light skin or racially ambiguous “mixed” woman. It’s not a coincidence. Don’t get me started on Diddy always screaming “black excellence” but prances around with his racially ambiguous trophy concubine Cassie. But that’s none of my business

    The hypocrisy of many famous hetero BM is hilarious lol.

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