Diego Barros Is Really Mister Cocky

*the following is parental advisory.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.

“onlyfans” and “connectpal” are the new “dvd bonus feature”.
you get their public social media page,
but then you get their exclusive nakedness
with a charge.
diego barros,
the braziallian attentionisto wolf who loves to tease his nakedness,
 has an “onlyfans” account.
one of the foxholers sent me a teaser clip.

how much does he charge for this?
10 bucks a month,
his meat damn near looks unreal.
it looks like it would take you into another dimension.
kudos to the hole getting re-arranged by that sausage.

check out diego’s “onlyfans”: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “Diego Barros Is Really Mister Cocky”

  1. Like I’m not gone lie Jamari. Even tho I lean towards the dark side of the moon, homeboy is looking mighty nice and meaty. I had to replay the vid twice to make sure mind could catch up to my eyes. I love that first shot of the camera panning up as he look down. That’s mad sexy.

    Side rant: I have subscribed to both an onlyfans and connecpal before…and I really think it’s stupid. Like, I do understand some folks be popping but other folks just like showing clips of they ass and dick while they cooking and I’m like bish….is that all. You can go find shyt like that on MyVidster for Free. Sure $10 bucks ain’t a lot but I’ve seen some of them go higher than that for a bag of clips.

    I also didn’t know Onlyfans was based in the UK or whatever. My bank had alerted me about the little credit card fee ( a few cents) and that they denied me from accessing Onlyfans. I asked them why and they said they are weary about companies overseas and what not. I was like. Oh be quiet and give me my subscription to the place…but they said nope. It’s against they policy. My Amex card worked for a lil bit tho.

    1. My recent Paraguay attentionisto was great in bed and that ass and body was a blast!! No joke tho. I’m officially putting these dude on my hunting list this season and they love the black dick!! If you really want to see a good Onlyfan page check out “Dashthree” with his black boyfriend Jtrusty, his ass gets annihilated and they do fetish shit and should be pornstars for amateurs.

      1. OMG! I follow dashthree. He’s the cute white guy that dress like a chick. He don’t look bad as a chick either and his lil boyfriend Joshua Trusty is sexy!! I think they are one hot interracial couple.

        I recently found out he had one but wasn’t sure if it was worth it based off passed experiences with other folks.

  2. Can we start a discussion about peen size. One day, I’m over here confident and content with my 6 inches. Then I come across a blog post like this and my confidence plummets. I eat booty like a champ, and I think my stroke is pretty good, and no foxes have ever complained. Can the foxes (especially you Jamari) let us wolves know what peen size ya’ll prefer, and if 6 inches is enough?

    1. A big dick looks good but to consume and swallow is a hassle for me and gagging is not to cute. I like to eat a manageable meal and not over eat. 6inch is good to be honest and I won’t complain if is smaller and some of these yoked dudes have small dicks too. I’ve met three inches and I would settle with dude obviously but dude a bottom obviously.

    2. That is a matter of preference and what one can take and handle. Just because a dude got a big dick, doesn’t mean he has a proper stroke.

      Also, as the commentor above said, big dicks are for show. For me, they are good to look it ( if they look right) & that’s it. Some dicks are too big. The guy above dik is nice to look at but to big ( but then I’m small framed.)

      When I did have sex with guys, I was fine with a “smaller size”. I think I messed with a guy that was

      For me, I’m fine with 8 inches. I’ve had larger but it’s a mental game. From past experience, if a wolf is sexy, and talks to me sexy and what not…I’ll relax & open up…(this is from a missionary point of view). The whole point is for him to do two things. Make me feel comfortable and hit my P-Spot.

      6 inches is fine but there are some size Queens/Kings out there ready to take a fist, arm, foot or leg. Stargate Atlantis Bussy is not wassup.

    3. Stay confident brother, 6 is a good size for a man. People talk alot about size, which actually matters less than if you’re a good lover. That’s what matters. It’s more than enough if you’re a good lover, if not, there aren’t enough inches in the world to make up for that.

      Sounds like you’re doing just fine sir.

  3. Cocky is okay as long as that person is being playful about it, then I don’t mind. I’m amused by it, and people pay for the fans-only stuff (not me) so good for him. But, he’s not just a pretty package he also has or is part of a clothing line that started with, I think, underwear and basic gym clothes.
    My best friend is Brazilian and lives in Brazil (his mother is a gay rights advocate) so I do love Brasileiros and Brazilian Portuguese language (and therefore I like Diego Barras, which is pronounced “Gee-a-go”, and also love porn actor Diego Lauzen). Although, I am particularly fond of BURRELL, JR. who is of Dominican Republic background– especially when he dances to Materialista’s “Taka-taka” song.

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