If You Could Ask Michael B. Jordan Anything…

i would surely entertain michael b. jordan.
i think he is sexy af and grown into his head tremendously.
his bawdy is something to be played with too.
so they are starting to gear up for “black planther”,
in which michael stars in,
so vogue had “73 questions” for him.
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Cam Newton Has A Good Monday Night

so guess who got an invite to the 2017 met ball last night?
that baller wolf right ^there.
mr. cam newton.
i bet he got a massive hard on when he saw his ticket.
he even landed on vogue.com,
which took us through the visual process of him getting ready.
david ricks was the photographer who brought us all the baller wolfy goodness…
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So About Rihanna and “The Dress” Last Night…


rihanna is the only artist right now to merge:


 …into a perfect little package.
i am always ready to see what she brings to the table during big events.
it’s always something that she wears.
it never wears her.
i was hoping she attended the 2017 met gala was last night.
she did in a commes des garcon “avant garde” ensemble:

…with heels from her dsquared2 line along with a watch from her chopard line.
well she got rave reviews she put up on her ig…
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Rihanna Came, Sung, and Conquered

tumblr_o7np65GhiM1ul0e3fo1_500rihanna bodied that stage last night at the billboard music awards.
i’m still in awe.
she sung “love on the brain”.
a non single.
peep below…
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I’m Only Here For The Munchkin

these damn kardashians know how to extend the battery life on their clock,
don’t they?
well more pictures from the infamous vogue shoot leaked,
and of course,
yeezus and sleezus look whatever.
look at the munchkin tho…
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“He Did Not Have To Give 1,000 Throat Jobs To Get Her On The Cover.”

giphywell the queen of the fashion world has spoken.
anna wintour lets it be known that yeezus did not have to do any sexual favors,
african voodoo,
or win the company raffle to get sleezus on the vogue cover.
this is what she had to say
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