I’m Only Here For The Munchkin

these damn kardashians know how to extend the battery life on their clock,
don’t they?
well more pictures from the infamous vogue shoot leaked,
and of course,
yeezus and sleezus look whatever.
look at the munchkin tho…

tumblr_inline_mwvq4253Ik1qfb043awww look at those cheeks!
i’ll be the first to say it…
yeezus was the best thing to go in her vagina.
who knew those two would create such a cutie?
i still think the munchkin is the cutest celeb baby.
am i the only know who thinks sleezus is not happy tho?
she doesn’t have the same life in her eyes like when she was out her heauxin.right sleezus?


pictures courtesy of vogue

x read an excerpt from the vogue article here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “I’m Only Here For The Munchkin”

  1. Honestly it’s just another fat baby to me… I never understand why ppl always give mixed babies so much praise, as if they’ve never seen anything more beautiful

    1. I think black-mixed children get more attention than other mixed children like Native American/white and Eurasian children. But the thing is black-mixed children are beautiful.

      1. What you say is true Lindo.I remember a White lady was ranting because she claims every time they try to discuss mixed children, the only ones ever discussed are half Black/half White.She said she wants her niece and nephew to get some attention because they’re half White/half Asian.

        I honestly think she and everybody else should stop making those children even more tragic than they already are.

      2. It sad that those children didn’t get attention. But I do notice when black mixed others whether is Native American, Mexican, Puerto Rican, white, Chinese, etc. the children are gorgeous. Now don’t get me wrong I met ugly black-mixed children too, but not a lot tho. And that another mixed doesn’t equal light skin either for those who are ignorant.

      3. Lindo, black/African/African American children are and can be gorgeous without having a shred of other blood. Tiger Woods is mixed–mostly Chinese and part white and part black and he’s not gorgeous. Micheal Yo is mixed–part Korean and part black isn’t gorgeous. Surprise (or rather no surprise)–self-hating black racism at work.

    2. I understand why mixed or biracial babies such as North West get such praise, it’s self-hating black racism by black people! SMDH

    3. ^be glad i think any child is cute.
      i don’t really like children.
      north is a cutie,
      but the poor child looks stressed like the kitten she had that committed suicide.

  2. When you wrote I’m only here for the munchies I thought it was going to be some guy with a fat ass like the other wolf you posted with the phatty. Not this hoe.

  3. You’re right, Kim doesn’t look as happy.Probably because she knows this is about status and not finding a man she wants to deal with for the rest of her life.I told you, she’s gonna use their divorce and custody battle over North to extend her popularity for a few more years.Watch!

    I kind of agree with you Richie.I remember when everybody was saying how cute Halle Berry’s daughter was but she looked like every other mixed kid to me.

  4. You have to give her credit and the pictures do look nice. Maybe she doesn’t look happy because now the responsibility of being a mother is settling in. It’s not just about her anymore. She has a lil one to worry about.

  5. I don’t get any genuine vibe from them. I feel they are more business partners than lovers. I agree with Jamari. Kim is lackluster now than her hoe days.

    1. DAMN!!!! I just Googled Broderick Crawford, and I have flatlined. I cant with yall tonight OMG take me now Lawd, Alan you are in time out for the rest of the night. Damn is that her real daddy, LMAO.

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