Dickland Is Officially Closed

we knew this was coming eventually…

the gates to dickland have officially been ( x closed ).
it’s all fun and games until you catfish the baller wolf with the lawyers on deck.
the streets are saying the unwanted media attention did it in.
let this be a lesson to everyone who wants to open up another dickland.
don’t overstep your boundaries.
fame is a tricky thing.
get a few likes and reblogs,
an audience starts gassing ya head up,
you start creating silent enemies clappin’ back at your peers,
and suddenly you think you are:

pile_of_shitive been blogging for 5 years and never wanted to go “the jackal route”.
i always wanted to maintain a level of respect and grow with my readers.
i am slow because i’m enjoying the journey,
stopping to smell the roses,
and understand i’m in a place that is unfamiliar.
even if i got raunchy about the wolves i was attracted too.
this is my arena to talk about it.
shit i know this is a gay blog and from the gate,
i wouldn’t be respected by other bloggers and potential readers.
it is what it is.
so i may post about the ratchetness going on with the jackals and hyenas,
but i know i’m not about that life.
i also know what comes easy leaves just as fast.
don’t front like dickland wasn’t lowkey racthet fun tho.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “Dickland Is Officially Closed”

  1. I don’t get why these celebrity dudes do it though.Like Jaimie Foxx.Don’t pose and pucker up your dick for the camera, take a pic, then send your lawyers on a cease and desist spree.Celebrities should know better.

  2. This is the best news I’ve heard all day. He wanted media mainstream attention and he got it, which resulted in his shutdown. The Paul George exposure was the final straw. Once it hit Bossip and the other blogs reported it, everyone knew about it.

  3. They all got what they deserved. One for tricking others into giving up the dick, and the others for actually giving up the dick. The lesson should be to never give up the dick for the whole world to see that you are a dick.

    But I’m sure someone will be exposed real soon. Stupidity dies a very hard and prolonged death.

    1. Probably not man. People took advantage of those nudes lol I didn’t keep any of them tho, not even Paul George’s. His nudes cannot do anything for me at this point, I want to have some good rough sex with that man, over and over. Yea, I just said that.

  4. A damn shame how ratchet and on his site he was proud of being a nasty ass Lieing skiezer.. Smhh what a THOAT

  5. Yeah I kinda saw this coming too. He went to far and messed with an real celebrity who has lawyers and pr teams looking out for this very thing. But I’m with man, it went on longer than i thought it would.

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