A Message From SlapMyFatty

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 8.25.36 PMim starting to wonder how he realllllllllyyy baited those wolves.
^that makes you wonder.
oh and i saw most of all ya’ll in “dickland”.
i was standing in line with my trench coat and glasses on.
don’t look at me.
so slapmyfatty who runs “dickland” has been caught…
he left this message for us to read…
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Paul George Got Some Pipe Leakage? (Dickland)

tumblr_n2t4oaaUhf1r39lglo5_1280so apparently,
dickland has traveled up the golden forest of the nba.
it seems the owner is pulling some top shelf wolves into his production.
the alleged first on his list?
nba baller wolf paul george
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Ruh Roh (The Storm)

tumblr_n19hq6l4RE1tslp3co1_500there is a storm on the horizon.
can you smell it?
shit i can smell and feel it.
there is a scandal a brewing
(and not the hit show tonight at 10pm on abc).
so one of my blogger favs,
hit me up about the free passes to ( x dickland ) we all got.
it was like christmas on tumblr.
this is what he had to say…
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