Paul George Got Some Pipe Leakage? (Dickland)

tumblr_n2t4oaaUhf1r39lglo5_1280so apparently,
dickland has traveled up the golden forest of the nba.
it seems the owner is pulling some top shelf wolves into his production.
the alleged first on his list?
nba baller wolf paul george


PaulGeorgeCelebrationif the alleged is true,
paul has a very UN-moisturized penis.
i started fuckin’ with nivea cream and its amazing.
try some on that situation pg.


paul been having a messy year, huh?
he gets a bomb contract and his peen breaks loose.

lowkey: if he gets king james,
i’ll faint.
i’ll faint i tell ya!

pictures courtesy of: slapmyfatty

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “Paul George Got Some Pipe Leakage? (Dickland)”

  1. He got my boi. I’d never leak anything he sends me lol.

    Y’all know I love me some PG….but..the peen was a lil dry. He should have slabbed some lotion on that joint.

  2. Well, he can deny that that’s a pic of his dick since no face or identifiable body part appears to be included. And good for him for that. These guys take body pics to send them to women apparently to get the pussy. That’s unnecessary. The women don’t much care how the body looks or how the dick looks. What they care about it how the salary checks and the bank accounts look! And since these guys are in the NFL, NBA or MLB, the heads attached to the pussies know enough about those financial matters without actual pictures of salary checks or bank account statements. The moral of the story: Just tell the walking pussies that your on the roster of your team and if you want to “remove all doubt”, send her a link to the team roster. That will get that pussy juice hot and flowing as fast or faster than body or dick picks. Show them the money!

  3. I hate to be ratchet, but forget lotion, he needs something else to make it shine. (Walks swiftly away)

    1. I thought about that lol. He had a good stats tonight, so he might deserve a little of that, but it ain’t no one trying to put their lips on an ashy dick tho, and I’m a top too…nah he got to do something about that.

  4. Sorry, but these fools have only themselves to blame. Stop sending semi-nude, nude, and penis pics to anyone who wants to see them. Everyone should know by now that you can never trust whose on the other side of the internet. Once you send the pics out there, it’s out of your control. After all, wasn’t a US congressman from New York brought down after he sent pics to various women? Stop with the insanity. Now!!! Please!!!

    1. You make a valid point, but he will be forgiven for his stupidity while the gays be depicted as thirty and predatory.

  5. So maybe I’m missing something this dude got paul george to send him some dick pics lol or maybe I’m just having a slow day today lol

    1. I don’t know how he does it but he gets the job done. I went to check out the blog and he also has nudes of Kenyon Martin and Lil Romeo.

  6. I can’t believe you’re supporting someone that does this. This not a good look for any of us and this won’t help your pursuit to land a “baller wolf”.

    1. ^just because I post about someone,
      doesn’t mean I support them in their ratchet ways.
      plus this isn’t an “outing” story.
      this is clearly a “jackal” catfish story.
      so relax yg.

  7. Dry???! Really? that’s all yall notice? How bout we talk about the size or lack there of -_-

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