Air Drop Your Nudes In My Box

so i knew about the following story a foxholer sent me.
it happened to a home vixen of mine a year or two ago.
she got a random picture sent to her iphone.
someone on the train sent it to her by mistake.
it was an innocent picture,
but it was from a stranger.
that is how i learned about air drop.
it’s a way to send a file/pictures to another iphone wirelessly.
well it looks like it finally caught on.
  nudes are now being air dropped to strangers on the mta now.
this is what the daily mail had to say…
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So Michael B Jordan and This Alleged Pipe of His…

michael+b+jordan+shirtlesswell its good to be back in the foxhole once again.
who broke my “devin thomas” limited edition print picture?
anyway while i was gone,
i got a lot of messages about michael b jordan,
one of my fav black actor wolves,
with some peen leakage for review.
now you know this is about to be full tilt 18^,
and “not for straight eyes even know i know you nosy anyway”

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Paul George Got Some Pipe Leakage? (Dickland)

tumblr_n2t4oaaUhf1r39lglo5_1280so apparently,
dickland has traveled up the golden forest of the nba.
it seems the owner is pulling some top shelf wolves into his production.
the alleged first on his list?
nba baller wolf paul george
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Ruh Roh (The Storm)

tumblr_n19hq6l4RE1tslp3co1_500there is a storm on the horizon.
can you smell it?
shit i can smell and feel it.
there is a scandal a brewing
(and not the hit show tonight at 10pm on abc).
so one of my blogger favs,
hit me up about the free passes to ( x dickland ) we all got.
it was like christmas on tumblr.
this is what he had to say…
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How Many Dick Pics Do You Have In Your Phone Right Now?

the new laptop.
its now become our other limb.
the new part of our brains.
with the right apps,
your phone becomes a weapon of mass destruction.
personal assistant.
best friend.
college professor.
gossip columnist for page six.
video game system.
you get the idea.
hell having access to google is dangerous enough.
i started to wonder about these little gadgets we can’t go anywhere without…

Are all your secrets in your phone?

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