So Michael B Jordan and This Alleged Pipe of His…

michael+b+jordan+shirtlesswell its good to be back in the foxhole once again.
who broke my “devin thomas” limited edition print picture?
anyway while i was gone,
i got a lot of messages about michael b jordan,
one of my fav black actor wolves,
with some peen leakage for review.
now you know this is about to be full tilt 18^,
and “not for straight eyes even know i know you nosy anyway”

tumblr_niwiorJd9F1ry2qn0o1_500x click here to see un-edited shot

2rnik3oso you see that body????
if that is allegedly michael tho,

why is he naked on the beach like that?
and what pervert was hiding behind the rocks to get that shot?
so lets talk about a soft dick.
just laying there unprovoked.
it isn’t very exciting.
not everyone can look like ( x macana man ) on flaccid.
its only until he gets hard is when we will know for sure the true size.
some wolves may look like a 5 on soft and grow to a 10 on “anaconda”.
got me like…
i don’t really feel anything when it comes to pipe shots.
sending me your nudes does nothing for me.
send me your porn videos.
i like to see how you use it.
what that front and back stroke looking like?
do you make people beg for mercy and tap out?
those are the important issues.
too many lazy people relying on their big ass pipe
and ain’t NO ONE  cummin.
and as far as michael:

…i would still do a handstand on that “slight” meat.
“hi michael”.

lowkey: all these people talkin about his pipe size…
would still ride him for braggin’ rights.
fuck outta here.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “So Michael B Jordan and This Alleged Pipe of His…”

  1. That’s a good Photoshop if fake lol. Also, I was soooo disgusted last night reading tweets about the pic. Some hoes just need to be educated.

  2. Pornography has really warped peoples’ minds about what the average penis looks like. If that is him, I see a very handsome guy with a great body and an average size penis, which could be huge when erect. End of story.

  3. Well I don’t care. I have no reason to. However, that doesn’t seem to be the best photo of his pipe. I want those damn cheeks tho.

  4. that’s A NICE SIZE…it’s hanging and he’s not even hard…smh these females always want donkey dicks yet they can’t even handle it when it comes their way…he’s sexy, with a beautiful smile, body out of this world and he has a nice dick…i would do Michael in every which way and then make his breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday…he’s hubby material…

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