Ruh Roh (The Storm)

tumblr_n19hq6l4RE1tslp3co1_500there is a storm on the horizon.
can you smell it?
shit i can smell and feel it.
there is a scandal a brewing
(and not the hit show tonight at 10pm on abc).
so one of my blogger favs,
hit me up about the free passes to ( x dickland ) we all got.
it was like christmas on tumblr.
this is what he had to say…

I see you posted about the barrage of exposure pics lately, FYI blogs of that type are some of the source of the complaints I’ve received. Granted the gullible pre baller allowed himself to be catfished but exposing someone like that I don’t condone. One of those bloggers even told me he uses my post as a resource of who to target. Just my 2 cents.

about them being possibly gay/the backlash:

No they definitely not all are that’s why guys are getting so upset with their pics being anywhere on tumblr because people are assuming if their nudes are there they must be, today alone I received three notes from people asking for the Instagram of people posted today. Just last week I received an email requesting removal of pics and they told me they were catfished recently. This behavior on tumblr makes it harder for everyone cause these guys immediately shutdown their twitter, Instagram and etc.   

ya know i thought about it at work today.
i did tell hoods that its not our fault that these folks got cat fished,
but i could see the long term effects of it.
its all fun and games until someone’s ass gets beat,
they get even more homophobic,
or worse…
the fine ones shut down their instagrams and all we are left with is the ugly!
tumblr_lm3lquGZWG1qcql71tha horror.
tha horrah!
don’t even yell its a hate crime after please.

as long as my blog and hoods stays UN-effected within the madness,
keep on doing what cha does.
my name is bennett and i ain’t in it!

lowkey: has it been revealed if these jackals at least got some pipe?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Ruh Roh (The Storm)”

  1. People need to stop being so willing to give their nudes out to a girl or dude playing as a girl.If you’re gonna fuck her, just know that she’ll eventually see your dick and/or ass in the flesh.

  2. I’m not gonna lie, I have sent out nude pics before to someone I was in a relationship with. Although none of my face or noticeable body parts or marks where in the photos I took that risk and hopefully it doesn’t come to bite me in the ass.

    I think people just need to be more carefully with who they not only share their nudes with but also personal info cause mfs are grimey af nowadays. real talk.

    1. ^straight wolves will send a dick pic to some hoe with no issue.
      it was men being men for pussy sadly.
      i did read the jackals were acting as females.

  3. Granted these jackals out here are doing the most catfishing these dudes but you have to ask why are so many dudes taking and sending out nude pics in the first place. I tell you why, they think they look good and they want the attention plain and simple. Dudes primp and take more pics than females these days. If you are stupid enough to send out nude pics to someone you dont know then you cant be mad when it turns out like it does. I have sent out a few nudies in my day and believe me Im still nervous at times hoping they dont come back to bite me in the ass, but I thought I was hot so I said why not lol. You never hear about Rick Ross, rappers Fat Joe, Freeway or other fat or not so unattractive men nudes leaking. These dudes need to take it as a compliment that so many people want to see them naked and they willingly provide these questionable females the goods. I had a good friend who pics were leaked on Tumblr and he didnt even know it, thankfully most of his face was hidden but I still knew it was him and he was livid and upset, but they got them from his BGC private account after he trusted someone showing them,after he calmed down he said it was flattering and his stock went way up, he actually had dudes trying to holler at him from all across the country. I can not even began to tell you how many dudes have sent me nude pics from these online apps, people will send out nude pics faster than they will give you their phone numbers. Its the social media world we live in and we must all DEAL.

  4. hmph finally somebody else has a complaint this will soon become a shit storm because the right person is going to take action

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