real vs ratchet

tumblr_lzzmphiMeW1qcl13oo1_1280would you want something real,
or do you want ratchet?
when you think of getting a wolf,
do you want it to start off with some footing,
or do you want to just want him to dive right into ya booty?
those are the question you need to ask yourself…

i like ratchetness.
oh no: i love it.
it’s one of the reason i like watching reality tv.
i am always down to watch some foolishness.
the last entry i posted about all the wolves being exposed…
well that was foolishness.
foolishness that kept me glued to every page.
ive realized that everyone has a “thing” in life.
some of us are either damn good at being ratchet,
or a few have mastered the art of both.
whatever it is you are “good” at,
you need to learn to use it to your advantage.
as much as i would love to be some ratchet jackal,
i just can’t.
i couldn’t put some wolf i was talking to nudes online because he pissed me off or i was bored.
i have,
a heart or something.
i personally find more joy in cursing him out and ignoring his texts/calls.

kurt-ignore-blaine-callwhen i looked at the pictures from the last entry,
for the first time,
i didn’t question myself.
no beatin myself up.
so this jackal was able to get these “straight” wolves out their nudes.
guess what?
i could as well.
i’m cute,
and will flirt with a tree if it payed attention to me.
and another guess what?
you could as well.
anyone can get a man naked.
its not that hard.
see what i did there.
whats impressive is getting him naked,
putting him under your spell,
getting in his wallet,
and wrapping him around your finger.
see that’s “my” thing.

tumblr_m5orrh1dCH1rrqf4aso when you look at those pics,
please don’t get jealous or envious.
enjoy it for what it’s worth.
ratchet behavior.
if you want,
you can go do the same.
tumblr is free and so is instagram.
but then what?
i don’t know about you,
but i want something real.
something that sticks.
mutual attraction.
shit i want effective communication.

“wassup boo?
i missed you.
where you been hiding today?”

“hey sexy?
i was just thinkin about u.”

“was the deal love?
what u doin tonight?
there is this great spot i want to eat at.
you free?”

“i got a massage with your name on it.
ima swing by after work.”

i want that!
i want him to answer his fuckin’ phone when i call.
i want options.
i want a couple draft picks in my dating combine.

tumblr_n2hw1du86U1r78dgto5_250tumblr_n2norb2CAD1r78dgto2_500tumblr_n28wcqJNGb1r78dgto2_500tumblr_n2k0mqiVSA1r78dgto5_500 i want a real connection,
with a real wolf,
in real time.
anyone can get the physical wolf,
but who can get his heart?
i’ll continue to wait.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “real vs ratchet”

  1. this is so true i was thinking the same thing though like he needs to be careful many of those men have much to lose so he’s risking his life, a man will kill if he looses everything he holds close to his heart…smh and these men act worse then females JESUS christ like must you expose everything?!?! like do they understand they’re not the only man with a fat ass pulling bad ass wolves? this shit has been the norm before social media was even a thing…or they could sue for slander and etc if he did the catfish thing…

  2. Y’all know y’all love a one night nut.Y’all just got tired of being nothing but cum-rags.It’s the same reason straight people fuck anyone with a pulse in their 20’s but then settle down and get married in their 30’s.

    Gays and straights ain’t being honest with themselves.Marriage is so 500 BC.It never meant anything anyway.Just two hoes that got bored because it took them fucking a dozen men and/or women to realize how vain they are.At least that’s what the majority of marriages and relationships are made up of today.

    Y’all are just bored and talking to be talking.We as humans should just drop the concept of relationships as a whole.People now lack the respect and loyalty to have a decent marriage in this day and age.I say we stop being fake and call it what it is.

  3. but jamari….why do you NEED a wolf? It seems like wolves are more image than substance. Maybe I’m wrong. But why not just date a simple down to earth humble guy that will be into you without false pretenses?

  4. Ooooh Jamari!!! U better preach!! I must admit that I did get a lil jealous about the exposé of ratchedness but I do consider myself classy. I mean I’ve been played and kept to myself the smaller than average, overly feminine and impotent exes I had (oops did I say that outloud), but Im just waiting on daddy wolf to come home!! 😉

  5. No one should be jealous. You do not even know that he pulled all these dudes. I highly doubt it. It is no way all these guys are into men, and if so, why expose them? Actions such as these are why the LGBT community is frowned upon man. You even have men going around calling an asshole a boy pussy, so I guess women have a pussy and a boy pussy huh? That makes….zero sense. It is an asshole, and it should be addressed as such, no exceptions, no excuses. That is beyond….dare I say terrible. Society puts all of us in one category, and I feel some type of way because I do not conduct myself in this manner as some of these dudes out here. I like to keep it classy, and a little nasty from time to time,but don’t judge me for being a little freak lol.

    As for using what you are good at to get where you want. I love doing that, and I do not disguise myself or try to be something I’m not just to get ahead. You have to be yourself, that is what people like, and that is what I give them day in and day out. I keep telling people that. I am not even going to lie, I am guilty of using my looks and charm to get where I want at times, and I even get close to the guys I find attractive. I’m not the average dude in this lifestyle, and my looks have little to do with it to be quite honest. I got the confidence, the high self-esteem, the personality, and you better trust and believe that it shows lol. I love driving these discreet and downlow men crazy, and even the curious ones, They are always the fun ones man because they have always thought about it, and every now and then they meet a dude that makes them feel some type of way, and they cannot hide it or know how to go about it. They get extra nervous because they are afraid and shit. Yea….curiosity will eventually kill the cat tho. They are eventually going to meet that dude that makes them test the waters….it may be me.*runs*

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