real vs ratchet

tumblr_lzzmphiMeW1qcl13oo1_1280would you want something real,
or do you want ratchet?
when you think of getting a wolf,
do you want it to start off with some footing,
or do you want to just want him to dive right into ya booty?
those are the question you need to ask yourself…

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Kielbasathe foxhole likes sausage.
don’t act like you don’t like a big juicy sausage.
baked to perfection.
marinating in juices.
you slide it in your mouth,
and it tastes good as soon as it lands on your tongue.
i’m hungry just thinkin’ about it.
well would you put this sausage in your mouth?
oh NSFW and 18^
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Breezy Wolf Is Uncut

breezy1O1would you like to be with breezy wolf 24/7?
would you like him raw?
well your prayers may have just been answered…

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You Are About To Be Tortured By The Devil In Hell.


i didn’t know what the muthafucka was saying in that chorus,
i’m a little creeped out now.

is this real?
i hope not because i love this song.

In A World Where The Kings Are On The DL…

Now, I am all for jump off sex with a DL Wolf.

They are NOT for cuffing purposes PERIOD.
This is where some of ya’ll go terribly wrong.
You get a nice stiff penis from a man, or trade as they call it.

You call him over in the late night hour,
fuck him all kinds of stupid,
and then send him home until you need some more penis.
They even make great test subjects to practice giving head on.
Might I add, they are also the biggest tricks.
It is NOTHING to get them to pay a bill or buy you dinner.

But, DL Wolves have an issue about them that make them more annoying…
I’m here to teach them how to keep being sexy….

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The Notorious B.I.G Had G.A.Y Friends.

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