Kielbasathe foxhole likes sausage.
don’t act like you don’t like a big juicy sausage.
baked to perfection.
marinating in juices.
you slide it in your mouth,
and it tastes good as soon as it lands on your tongue.
i’m hungry just thinkin’ about it.
well would you put this sausage in your mouth?
oh NSFW and 18^
okwow…or inside you for that matter?

x click here to see what the meat is really hanging like

…i’m scared.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “IS THIS A REAL SAUSAGE?????”

  1. this can’t be real…can it?!??! that has to be photoshopped if that’s real, then GOD bless the woman or man whose taking it because if i ever came across something like that i’d tell that brotha be blessed but you’re not sliding that monster in me i dont want my insides rearranged lmbo

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