You Are About To Be Tortured By The Devil In Hell.


i didn’t know what the muthafucka was saying in that chorus,
i’m a little creeped out now.

is this real?
i hope not because i love this song.

6 thoughts on “You Are About To Be Tortured By The Devil In Hell.

  1. There are plenty of religious references in Kanye’s, Jay’s, RiRi’s, Bey’s, etc. works. Ye’s can go pretty dark sometimes. Check out ‘Monster’ (video & lyrics). It all depends on your beliefs…I keep my distance on some songs/videos personally

  2. That’s a liberal interpretation of that Biblical passage if I’ve ever seen one. “Gnashing of teeth” is another reference to mourning (old-school Middle Eastern folk would also rip off their clothes in mourning; they, like the gays, just liked drama.) Also, the “champion sound” part is from an old dance hall song that borrows that same metaphor for the end of the party (with the music/god being divine). The artist says he’s the champion and if they believe enough, he’ll play one last song.

    Kanye chopped it up a bit, but there’s nothing sacrilegious about the hook unless you make it so. Just like you can make a love song into a gospel song or vice versa. If you’re looking for it, you will find it.

  3. It is true, those lyrics describe what hell is going to be like, its in the bible… It may be entertainment to some but these guys making these songs arent stupid they know exactly what theyre doing, they want to brain wash us. They just dont put shit together that sounds good. I refuse to listen to that song, when my friends play that shit i stick my fingers in my ears. there maybe other songs that are doing the same thing but personally i dont want to expirience hell or hear what i will expirience, We already live in Hell I dont wanna hear about it….

  4. That would explain why I never understood it.LOL This my joint right here. I hope this aint true.

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