Don’t You Go Two Steppin’ On My Heart Baby

i like to dance.
i find it therapeutic.
the only issue is when i can’t find a partner.
it can be so hard.
i always meet partners who can’t get down like i do.
i like to make them sweat, but they can’t keep up.
i need one who i know will bring as much spotlight to what i’m trying to do on the floor.
you know how that goes?
this couple does…

they are tired of dancing.
well, she is.
he is just getting his second wind.
they been around the block and back,
but they just can’t seem to get it right.
or maybe she finally sees that her partner is looking for another kind of partner.
it got so bad that she had a panic attack when some of his dancing secrets got exposed.
so, she maybe over it.
expect her to announce a change in dance partners soon.

they should have kept it as a quick two step,
but you know she gets into whoever she is with.


i wonder who she will hit the floor with next?

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