What Can Solve My Problem (Righ Nah)

i don’t understand what is happening to the foxhole.
i’m puzzled.
jetpack for wordpress is puzzled.
there is no explanation to what is happening.
i don’t know if entries are showing up,
or not showing up.
the mobile foxhole looks different than the desktop.
i’m absolutely bewildered.
well i guess there is only one thing that might solve this issue…
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The Games The Foxhole Plays (1)


tumblr_mqgzg9nS3c1scwulzo1_r1_500so karoke,
my vixen friend,
is into comics and games.
i like that about her because she is a nerd just like me.
she sent me a comic yesterday that was is a mystery you have to solve..
i didn’t figure it out so she ended up telling me what it was.
i’m going to post it and ask…

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Don’t You Go Two Steppin’ On My Heart Baby

i like to dance.
i find it therapeutic.
the only issue is when i can’t find a partner.
it can be so hard.
i always meet partners who can’t get down like i do.
i like to make them sweat, but they can’t keep up.
i need one who i know will bring as much spotlight to what i’m trying to do on the floor.
you know how that goes?
this couple does…

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