The Games The Foxhole Plays (2)

tumblr_lufrp2fCA21qh5hu1o1_500ok so everyone liked that first game i posted.
thanks everyone who tried with their comments,
as well as my boo on tumblr.
i told karoke to send me another and well…



Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “The Games The Foxhole Plays (2)

  1. It was Ms Chip who killed Mr. Foxville because as you can see the real Ms. Chip has a mole on the left cheek. And in the surveillance video the mole is on the right cheek. So Ms. Chip you’re on arrest for the murder of John Foxville, you filthy slut.

  2. Lord Jesus. The real Julia Chip did it, and her twin brother dressed up in her clothes and pretended to be her to make it seem like she was in Danburg at the time of the murder. Her having a twin brother that looked like her was the key factor.

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