everyone has stories but many of them aren’t best sellers

*You ever met someone and was intrigued by their mystery?
you wanted to know more but they were real elusive about their moves.
the moment you got to know them tho,
they killed all the vibes because they weren’t what you thought they’d be?

all of these platforms have stories.
kim kardashian’s social media is determined to kill folks mystery.
everywhere we turn,
there is another platform urging us to share our lives in story form.
this is the latest to join in on the story hype…

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its the mystery of whats behind the onlyfans that makes onlyfans, onlyfans

the mystery is always sexy when we are attracted to someone.
even if they are lame af,
it’s a mystery that turns a 4 into a 9 really fast.
our imaginations are what put them up on pedestals.
we daydream about dating them because we think they’ll be amazing.
we fantasize how good they’ll be in bed and how they’ll make us cum every time.
i think that’s the reason why onlyfans is a successful platform.
let’s imagine if onlyfans and pornhub were actual people…

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When You Thought You Got Away With Murder of Lorenzen Wright

a 7 year old murder mystery has finally been solved.
it is that of lorenzen wright,
an nba baller wolf who played with the cavs and grizzles,
vanished without a trace on july 18, 2010.
all they had was a 911 call made from his phone,
with 11 gun shots in the background,
before the phone cut off.
they found his dead body in a wooded area a week later.
no one knew where to start or had any clue on who did it.
they finally found his killer,
billy turner,
last week in raleigh.

get this…


wait foxhole,
there is more tho.
the story gets even juicer.
billy must have sung like a canary because they nabbed another alleged suspect.
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Who Killed Kenneka Jenkins?

so i got put on this story and i been hooked.
it’s like a real life alleged murder mystery,
but the hood version being played out on social media.
it seems we are all trying to solve it as well.
i’m sure my f-bi will have the killer in no time.
so everyone say goodbye to 19 year old,
kenneka jenkins.

she was found dead in the hotel freezer of the crowne plaza chicago o’hare hotel in chicago.
how she got there is the question we all want answers too.
none of the “she randomly walked in there” story make sense.
her “friends” seem to know,
but no one is talking.
all we have is this alleged fb live video from the night of…
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