tumblr_m9osu5RiwN1qjdj3mo1_500okay so i won’t even lie.
this one had me stuck for a good day.
i don’t know if my brain shut off or what…
anyway round 3…photo copy

Can you solve this?

Author: jamari fox

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5 thoughts on “THE GAMES THE FOXHOLE PLAYS (3)”

  1. There is a clear miscommunication between the detective and the forensic guy in that last part. Bare with me, I could be wrong, but I think they were building a case on her for a few days and she has not been arraigned in front of a judge. An arraignment has to be take place within two days after an arrest unless the person was arrested on a Friday which means they have a max of three days for the arraignment. If this is the case, all the evidence they found gets suppressed and she gets off. I could be reading too much into it lol.

  2. A wo”MAN” he couldn’t he couldn’t handle? Looks someone is guilty by associate… Has a look of guilt on “HIS” face. *wink* *wink*

  3. so to solve this…
    the answer was the black haired chick killed him and tried to frame the blonde.
    she wiped down everything,
    but she didn’t throw away the cigarette butt in a already clean ashtray!

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