WWE Wolf Darren Young and His Boyfriend Spread For People

520ce50611de6.preview-620 darren young.
wwe wrestler who ( x came out as gay on tmz ).
oh yes i remember him quite well.
he looks like he can kick yo ass.
well he and his boyfriend actually have a spread for people magazine today.
an f-bi sent me the picture and article…

For years, wrestler Darren Young put on a brave face for his fans when he entered the ring, but in reality he was harboring a secret that was eating him up inside – he is gay.

“I was terrified of losing friends, losing my job, just everything,” the World Wrestling Entertainment star, 29, exclusively tells PEOPLE in the latest issue. “I had no idea what would happen if I came out.”

But Young’s fears were put to rest on Aug. 14 after he announced his sexual orientation – a revelation he had shared with close family and friends two years ago – to a reporter with a camera who approached him at Los Angeles International Airport.

“There came a point in my life where I just wasn’t happy living a double life,” Young says about revealing his secret to the world and becoming the first openly gay WWE star. “It was spur of the moment, and I said what I said and I was confident. But when I left, I said to myself, ‘What the hell did I just do?’ “

Despite his fears, Young – known outside the WWE world as Fred Douglas Rosser III – was greeted with open arms by not only the organization’s management and fans, but also his colleagues in the ring.

“They all embraced me, and that was just shocking to me. I truly love them,” says Young, who resides in Miami with his boyfriend of two years, Niccolo “Nick” Villa, 25. “It was such a relief. I’m not hiding anymore and I’m living the dream.”

tumblr_mszfomdMvA1s6j8veo2_r1_250well this is nice.
they look happy.
i had to ask myself something while watching all the people who came out.
there seems to be a trend that i had to wonder:

Have they ever dated in their color palette?
and would it have the same impact?

i almost feel like black wolves/foxes/and hybrids are looked at as sexual creatures.
…and that’s it.
maybe hoodrats or some other negative trait.
the reason we get nominated come award season.
same with how black vixens are perceived in the public eye.
is whats on your arm how white america will accept you?
we already know black america already will throw stones.
if i’m wrong please correct me.

x i wanted to bring my boo to my events but i was scared

story source: people

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “WWE Wolf Darren Young and His Boyfriend Spread For People”

  1. Yes they have dated people of their race, but the people in their race aren’t good enough for the public eye. They are good enough in the bedroom, but not in the streets. It is what it is.

  2. Hey you like what you like. I’m not going to judge his choice of partners. Whoever makes him happy. Still it would be nice to see some black gay male celebrity couples (Will Smith and whats’s his name don’t count cuz they aren’t out). And dudes like Peanut who was allegedly messing with that football player give black gay men a bad name.

    1. ^LOL at will and “what’s his name”.

      im waiting for a baller wolf to come out who is on a “king james” level,
      that will openly date someone from an urban neighborhood.
      im really starting to think we are good enough to smash.

      1. You will be waiting on a long time. For one, who is on King James level? No one who plays basketball or football is on his level, period. Plus, a superstar is not going to jeopardize his career by coming out of the closet. I’m not even gonna front, there might only be a couple gay superstars.

  3. I agree with Immanuel, you date whoever you wanna date. But I have to say this whoever took their picture did a lousy job because they (especially the fem one) are spooky looking. But then again Halloween is around the corner. But I do agree about black men are sexualize because I also have sexual fantasies about black men and I feel so guilty about that.

  4. I’ll judge him and his choice of partners.I don’t like sweeping mental illness under a rug.

    Darren always looked kind of weird to me.I love his hair.He has the perfect Afro but his skin always looks like candle wax.These pictures are the best I’ve seen him look.I’m sure he’s mixed with something though.

  5. I understand EXACTLY what folks are saying they want to see and it certainly exists, Unfortunately, it is (and will probably remain) invisible…because It is impossible to be out AND closeted simultaneously.

  6. Yea, they photoshopped the hell out of those pics. Their faces look weird. Fred (AKA Darren) is a handsome guy, they didn’t need to do that to his face.

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