Mariah Has A Confession

i was on a full mariah kick last week.
i never listened to her first two albums,
but i was into them.
her first was a really good debut.
i’m upset it took me this long.
well mariah admitted something today.
for some,
it might not be shocked,
and it gets a full “duh” from others.
she admitted she is bipolar in “people magazine”.
these are her quotes from the article…
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People Magazine Is Out of Control

disrespectintweetone of my f-bi sent me this,
emailed titled:

“why are white people showing out these days???”

well lets not blame all white people for these shenanigans.
apparently people magazine tweeted ^that during
“how to get away with murder”.
a show that queen viola d stars in.
they wanted her to say line from THE “FUCKIN” HELP on the show.
they got such backlash from black twitter that they removed it.
i’m surprised how bold people are getting these days.
the complete and utter disrespect is disgusting.
those ratings looking like:

how to get away with murder: 14 mill
scandal: 11 mill
a black woman has a whole night dedicated to her shows.
two talented black actresses are the stars of her shows.
that #tgit and shondaland reign just won’t let up.

b4vx5ljpg“yeah yeah yeah”…
okay bye.

x watch the whole #TGIT line up on abc

WWE Wolf Darren Young and His Boyfriend Spread For People

520ce50611de6.preview-620 darren young.
wwe wrestler who ( x came out as gay on tmz ).
oh yes i remember him quite well.
he looks like he can kick yo ass.
well he and his boyfriend actually have a spread for people magazine today.
an f-bi sent me the picture and article…
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