Darren Young Is Gay and Will Probably Put You In A Headlock If You Have An Issue

darrenyoungeveryone meet darren young.
he is a wrestler wolf in the wwe.
nice huh?
well he has some news for you.
he just body slammed himself right out the closet

WWE wrestler Darren Young became the first active pro wrestling star in a major organization to announce that he is gay.

Young arrived in Los Angeles on Wednesday for this weekend’s SummerSlam pay-per-view event at Staples Center and was being interviewed by a TMZ cameraman while walking to his car at LAX.

The cameraman asked Young if he thought a gay wrestler could be successful in WWE, and Young gave an answer the cameraman was not expecting.

“Absolutely. Look at me. I’m a WWE superstar and to be honest with you, I’ll tell you right now, I’m gay. And I’m happy. I’m very happy.”

Young was then asked how he thought his fellow wrestlers would take the news.

“We’re all adults. All sports are physical. When I come to work, I come to work,” he said. “Business is business. Some people might not like it, and some people will like it.

“I’m happy with who I am. I’m comfortable with myself. I’m hoping to be able to make a difference. It’s very important to me that people understand that someone’s sexual preference doesn’t really matter.”

WWE released the following statement soon after Young’s announcement: “On TMZ this morning, WWE Superstar Darren Young revealed to the WWE Universe that he is gay. WWE is proud of Darren Young for being open about his sexuality, and we will continue to support him as a WWE Superstar.”

well he told ya’ll.
i doubt anyone will have an issue with him coming out the closet.
well unless they want to eat a delicious two piece.

punched-out-of-his-clothes-anime-13913992-400-225lowkey: i wonder of anyone will question who is dating?
i already suspect what his favorite flavor may be tho.
uh huh i said it.
*looks from side to side tho*

source: la times

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

32 thoughts on “Darren Young Is Gay and Will Probably Put You In A Headlock If You Have An Issue”

  1. wow…
    this just gave me LIFE! Fuck trying to get at “straight”, “confused”, and “DL” niggas! There ARE attractive, masculine, sexy gay men of color who ain’t ’bout the bullshit!
    Just, wow…

    1. Who don’t want you because your skin color isn’t good enough. Bombs away. This man ain’t of negro blood anyway so we all know he likes them clear.

  2. I just hope he not one of those athletes who only dates white guys. I think people forget that this world is full of different colors, not only white.

      1. Majority white and exotic. Just because a man comes out the closet in entertainment/sports doesn’t mean he will date a black man publicly. Same rules apply.

  3. Well he had a girlfriend last year Tamina Snuka she is not White,she is definitely a woman of color.She is also a wrestler she may just be a friend acting as a beard,though

  4. As much as these men come out closet they don’t want US. By US I mean men of color so ill take a discreet man who at least likes his own. BTW love this site and been a fan for a while!

    1. Just curious what is a discreet man? Will you date a Openly Gay Black man ,a man who’s ,family and friends know he is Gay?

      1. Discreet means a man who is private with his sexuality but isn’t hung up on it like DL men. We may tell you he is gay or he may not. We ain’t ashamed of who we are, but we don’t feel the need to broadcast our lives to the whole world. I imagined everyone who comments here is like that which is why it feels good to be among a different crowd who understands. DL and OUT men are the most judgmental on each ends of the gay spectrum. Also I have dated men who were OUT. They want you to be OUT as well which creates a conflict of interest. They also hate anyone who isn’t out and will cast you to hell because you choose to be private. They also will OUT you purposely because they have no filter. Hope that helps.

      2. A Discreet man is defined as a man who is gay or bisexual who chooses to keep who he is to himself. Also, the discreet man usually doesn’t deceive women.

      3. So the people in your life that you love and trust ,like your family whether blood or chosen family know you date men .But the general public ,neighbors,co workers,etc think you are single? straight? Please know, I am not being judgemental I like to learn about different people’s way of life.I dated a guy who was on the DL,I have openly Gay friends,I was a beard for a couple of friends who were in the closet to their family.I just wasnt sure what you meant by discreet as opposed to being in the closet.For example when you attend events do you take a female date and if so does she know she is simply a “date”.Thanks you for replying to my other comment some guys get a tad defensive because they are so used to being judged for their choices.No judgement 🙂

      4. I want to leave this alone, but I can’t. A DL is a man who deceives women by sleeping with both sexes at the same time. In other words, a man who sleeps with women during the day and with men at night.

      5. So @Pookie,which BTW is my cat’s name :), you don’t deceive or date woman? Before I continue I want to say I am not judging I am just curious because I wasnt familiar with that term.Full disclosure I dated a guy who was DL now Openly Gay.I have several Out Gay friends and I have been a beard for a few Closeted Friends.As a discreet guy ,does your family ,blood or chosen,think you are Straight? Do you take a “beard” with you to events,parties,etc.? No judgement,just curious 🙂

      6. @TheMan: there can be DL men who confuse themselves with being discreet.

        @Ycolette: No shade and you seem like a pretty cool chick but I don’t like women asking me questions. My life and choices is not to be dissected by women who are fascinated by men who like men. Again no shade to you but I find it insulting and equate it to being a lab rat for straight black women.

  5. Black men and women are still treated like slaves even today. We are good enough to fuck in the barns (private), work in the fields (being overworked by white bosses), and entertain (sports, music, and movies) but unless you are a house nigga (light skin) then you aren’t good enough to date. We are even racist to ourselves when it comes to dating (light is right) so what makes you think he will debut his black queen or king? Athletes are notorious for being color struck. No need to dampen this comment box but let’s stop acting surprised in here!!

  6. I really have an issue with black women trying to find out how we do what we do. It’s bad enough these bitchy fags don’t know when to sit down. Black women are notorious for smiling in our faces, treating us like pets, and then stabbing us in the back after. Don’t ask me shit.

    1. There is SO much truth to this. That’s why I’m always cautious with women on this site. However, I appreciate the ones who genuinely want to learn (Although I question this too, considering there are BETTER sources to learn. Like books, and academic papers n shit), as opposed to those who are simply trying to reaffirm their prejudice. Our lives are real, or experiences are real, our sexuality and emotions are real. They’re not on display for women’s pleasure.

    2. I don’t get why some gay men have beef against women? Y’all aren’t fucking them and never want to be with one anyway. It’s not like they are going to use the info you give them about the lifestyle against you. I think it goes deeper than the women being on the site, it’s more of a personal experience thing. They will only treat you as a pet if you let them and will only tell your personal biz if you are dumb enough to tell them. You never tell women your personal biz because they are uneducated about the life and shit can get messy.

  7. Wow Jamari, you posted this fast. I hope my email tip clued you in.

    Sorry to criticize the other readers but some of these comments about him dating only white men from these thirsty queens are killing me. Who. Really. Gives. A. Fuck.

    For a professional athlete to come out is big news (although the whole thing about the TMZ guy seeing him at the airport and just happening to ask him a gay question and him coming out came across as phony and staged, especially since his employer the WWE seemed to have a statement ready to go.)

    Who cares if he dates white men? There are black men who date only black men and black men who only date Latino, or white, or Chinese mixed with Australian. That’s his preference for whatever reason.

    Respect that and move da fuck on. Just because he is gay does not mean he wants to fuck every gay person. Or that he wants to fuck YOU!

    Besides, all that glitters is not gold. He may be an athlete and look all good but he may be crazy as hell, broke and living on credit cards and only able to get off if you shit on his chest. So stop sweating it…sheesh. Go get a good man who likes you and don’t worry about his color.

    Meanwhile, Jamari keep doing the great job you are doing. I don’t read your blog everyday but when I pick it up I always learn something new and enjoy myself.

    Immanuel at dlconfessionssequel.com

    P.S. I wrote about gay men’s preferences last year. Here is the post: http://dlconfessionssequel.com/2012/09/30/to-each-his-own/

    1. I don’t have to respect shit, especially some self-hating cunt.Preference can be used for a ton of things.Some businesses just prefer not to hire black people.Does that make it right.No.But it’s their preference.When you purposely try to avoid your own kind/people who look like you, then I’m sorry but something is wrong with you mentally.It might be Stockholm syndrome or just society’s standards of what is beautiful and what isn’t, being ingrained in your head.You can use the preference excuse all you want, we all know it’s deeper than that.Color struck people need to realize that not everyone can just shrug their shoulders when they turn down someone for looking like them.If we’re all supposed to be so color blind and not worrying skin color then we need to stop being so harsh toward our own kind.Especially when people who date outside their race make it pretty damn clear that they’re proud of it and yet at the same time tell everyone else not to see skin color when they clearly do.You can’t shrug it off when you like someone but they don’t like you because your not a certain ethnicity, you really can’t shrug it off when it’s someone that looks like you telling “sorry, too black.”You expect different treatment from your own kind.Not to be treated like it’s the 50’s and we have to pass a paper bag test to be considered worthy.

      1. Why are you so worried about a person who doesn’t even know you exist? Do you even know be doesn’t like black or are you just assuming? You can only control your actions and thoughts not another man’s.

      2. I’m not worried about Darren.I was speaking universally.I know I can only control my own thoughts, I’m not Professor X.

    2. People SHOULD realize a man who comes out the closet may not be the savior for the community. Black men in the public eye, straight or gay, will be picked apart and torn down. They are everyone’s favorite one minute and as soon as they do something wrong, the smear campaign starts. Everyone always expects these black men to be cape crusaders when they are puppets being controlled by a string, trying to survive in a WHITE WORLD and a JEWISH RUN INDUSTRY. I never got the hype but if its boosts your self esteem then go right on portna.

  8. Wow, I saw this on Yahoo earlier and was blown away, I have never heard of this guy but that was so random how he did it, I hope he can continue to flourish in his career. Its always a good thing when you have different types of dudes to represent us and not just the feminine dudes. I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt about his dating preference. I just dont want to be disappointed once again 🙂

    Hey YColette, as someone who lives a pretty discreet life as well, I dont fool or kid myself that my close family and associates dont know my sexual preference but its something nobody ever discusses, either me or them. I flirt with females all the time, but I never go further like getting numbers or going out with them to keep up appearances, and I could easily do that. I wanted to answer you because you have always been a cool respectful chick and I enjoy your input. I also do not discuss anything personal with females about my sex life because of a fear of being turned on or outed. I think many masculine dudes have this fear. Can I ask you how do you really feel when you see a really masculine dude who you would never suspect as gay, and he turns out to be gay. I mean your honest real feelings. I have seen so many females get really upset or really disappointed. I mean it is some really fine and good looking gay dudes in the world who are super masculine and undetectable to straight people. I am tall big solid dude, who easily passes for straight, so I have heard the things they say about gay dudes and that is why I am also hesitant to really get close to random straight people, and let them know who I really am.

    1. I am disappointed if there is a Guy who Im interested in who doen’t find me attractive regardless of the reason i.e. He is Gay or only attracted to White women.To be honest I am turned on by watching Masculine men have sex with each other so I am NOT disgusted when I learn the guy is Gay.
      A few months ago I said if a concensus of posters had an issue with me making comments here I would stop.That still applies but dont get it twisted this is an public not private blog so anyone within reason can post here example Church Lady.I try to respectful ,NONjudgemental and upfront.I never pretend to be a guy .Lastly it is simple to reply I rather not answer a question no need to curse and be rude,its unbecoming.Also dont stereotype all women and I wont stereotype all men who”get down with men” Peace

      1. @YColette: You have to understand that as much as black women think a majority of gay men are the enemy, we think the same for you all as well. It’s cool when a woman comes on this site and shoots the shit with us, but I felt you were getting too personal with me. I don’t know you from Adam and Eve, as you don’t know me, but I made the mistake of trusting a chick and she blabbed my business to everyone with an ear. I told her things in privacy and she was still making slip ups in front of people about my sexuality. Her response? “Oops”. I came off harsh because this site is the only site without messy queens and bitchy fags. You can come on here, get good content, and relax with like minded people. When a random woman joins, it can put our guard up especially mine. Respect.

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