jaguar wright finds herself trying to out mary j. blige?

i figured jaguar wright was angry with how her career ended up.
i thought she would be going after those who tried to destroy her.
what bugs me is when someone gets the shotgun but shoots everyone else instead of their intended target(s).
jaguar decided to take aim at allegedly outing mary j blige

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how to do a soft outing of one of your ex boyfriends on a podcast (olivia munn)

everyone always think males,
of all sexuality,
are the ones who kiss and tell.

You might be shocked to realize how many vixens will spill the beans.

many vixens tell me all about dudes they got smashed by.
i’ve been told how the stroke was and how big the pipe is.
luckily for them,
the dick and stroke reports stopped with me.

Many vixens will out a male in a heartbeat too.

they will quietly observe until a pot of tea is poured and there ya go.
“i knew he was gay because…”
olivia munn,
went on whitney cummings podcast to softly outed an ex boyfriend.
this is what she had to say @1:25

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todrick hall got support in a place he’d be accepted?

todrick hall.

i don’t know much about todrick.
i know he’s out.
and does drag on occasion.
black and white female celebs love him.
perfect out black gay male,
i’ve noticed he doesn’t get a ton of support from other black gay males.
his support appears to be “other”.

random vixens

most of the complaints i’ve read been about is his dating preferences.
he prefers to play in the snow more than anything else.
because of this,
that’s where he’ll get the majority of support.
that means he is also boosted to the top of the food chain as well.
it made me wonder

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“I Can’t Date A Male Who Is Out”

i was having an interesting conversation with a wolf tonight.
the one i have a high key crush on.
he was telling me about his life and the gays he use to run with.
straight up he said…

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The New Wolf and His Dating Preference

ever so often,
i am shocked to find out that someone is gay or bisexual.
it moreso happens with males.
if feminine,
are usually shockers for me.
well today,
i was shocked and my ratchet side started plotting…
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