jaguar wright finds herself trying to out mary j. blige?

i figured jaguar wright was angry with how her career ended up.
i thought she would be going after those who tried to destroy her.
what bugs me is when someone gets the shotgun but shoots everyone else instead of their intended target(s).
jaguar decided to take aim at allegedly outing mary j blige


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so in trying to become relevant in speaking her truth,
jaguar decided to speak for someone else instead?

i hate when folks do shit like this.
they are unfaired and want us to care,
but they decide to drag others who have been minding their business.
from what i know,
mary has been minding her business.
i don’t understand what mary’s ex-marriage,
and the alleged details of said ex-marriage,
has to do with jaguar’s narrative.
she tried to claim she wanted to expose the dl within the comments as well:

so the straights,
who are out here fuckin’ raw and reckless,
get a pass?
if she knew what she was talking about,
every dl situation isn’t spreading diseases.
i feel like jaguar is on a high from running her mouth and fingertips,
but it’s only harming her in the end.
no one likes the bitter big mouth.

low-key: she said she got “tapes”,
but isn’t it illegal to record someone without their consent?


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24 thoughts on “jaguar wright finds herself trying to out mary j. blige?”

  1. Jaguar is a bitter, bitter woman. She’s one of those people who thought they were the shit, never really went anywhere, and now spends her life dragging people, shitting on them and now outing them because she’s so angry.

    She needs to get a life. If she’s so dope, she needs to get her shit together and but out dope stuff. There are no excuses,

  2. She’s the new azealia, just older and less relevant, bitter and disturbed. It’s one thing to speak YOUR truth. But what profits her to out Mary on what she allegedly does In her personal life. SEX can carry disease in general, not just downlow sex. She gives me mental ill vibes.

      1. Ofcourse these idiots cheering her on for more tea spills, they don’t care about her or her talent. Ironic she’s doing these outings, when she looks like shes ate a carpet or two or three.

  3. Jaguar has been known in PHILLY for YEARS of being messy and battling mental health issues.I believe she’s had major losses in her life regarding Death as well but her rants have been pointless. She said Erykah and Jill were friends because no one liked them, yet on verzuz different actors, singers and entertainers commented how real and kind they were. Also commented positive experiences they’ve had with Erykah and Jill. She said Jill used to be a hoe and now she’s saying Mary J Blige was on camera eating folks out. Jaguar boo you were int he neo-soul clique more so Philly. You really MJB will be on camera eating pussy. smh at first i stood behind her when the Talib Kweli comments and Common shite came out because i know 97% those who were abused don’t lie about it.but then she started throwing jabs at everybody for no reason. Then throwing shots at gay people when we’ve embraced her ass before anyone else… Now her existent career about to be die

    1. More people than 3% lie about abuse. Being a victim is currency in today’s America so people will lie, exaggerate, and fabricate if it gets them what they want.

      I’m here for the mental health concern. If that’s her issue, I hope she gets help. But I find it funny whenever Black women act evil people excuse it, or find other reasons, but when it’s Black men they toxic, or abusers or simply villains.

      If a washed up male rapper posted this, he would be called a sexual harasser, sexual assaulter, a predator and all kinds of shit.

      Either we have compassion for everyone or we go in on everyone. Keep the same energy always.

      1. ^ this is something to unpack tbh.

        i’ll never forgot black women telling men to mind their business about their sexuality,
        but they want to drag and out black males for theirs.
        the contradictions are endless at times.

        1. So many contradictions. It’s one of the reasons we never solve our problems in the community. People want to genderize everything when sexual violence, physical violence, and other bad behavior is done by both men and women, at similar rates, too.

          Check the CDC data: A Black man is just as likely to be physically assaulted by his wife, as a Black woman is by her husband. Black boys are just as likely to be sexually assaulted as Black girls.

          When grown women start sleeping with 14, 15 and 16 year old Black male teens, no one says anything. Guys are told they are supposed to celebrate that. Hell Michael Jai White was taken to court for child support by a grown ass woman who was sleeping with him when he was 16. They had to throw the case out, but of course the woman wasn’t charged.

          If we pretend all the problems are from one gender we aint solving shit, when the truth is all genders in the community are damaging all genders in the community.

          1. I totally agree with you. We as a community praise the wrong things that are harmful and damaging to us and down play or over look the important things that need to be talk about or dealt with.

  4. I kinda believe there is some truth to this. Very recently Mary discussed how she felt that “Diana Ross disrespected Lil Kim when she felt on Kim’s titty”[ that was blatantly hanging out] at the Infamous MTV Video Awards.

    I jokingly commented that ” Mary sounds like a Jealous lover,, I would be honored if Diana Ross felt my breast “.

    Even though I was joking, a part of me felt it sounded really peculiar for a friend to take that so personal. So all though Mary J Blige may not be a “full out Lesbian” I can see her being into women.Things to consider about her:

    A) Mary has not kids( A Black woman from the hood without kids??)
    B) That Whole Hip Hop Hardcore Street attire during her “What’s the 411 ” Phase( Dyke Down Attire)
    C) Her close relationship with Puffy ( Who has been plagued by rumors for years
    D) Her close relationship to Lil Kim( Kim was the hot female to Mary’s Stud )

    So yeah , Its possible ( ha ha ha ha )

    1. Also her ice cold “love” scene on Power. She had zero chemistry or emotion in those scenes. It first crossed my mind then.

  5. Y’all done went and dug deep in the trunk and unpacked all Meery’s labels. I still love her, no matter. She has wailed for the children, when we were falling in and falling out of ♥️. Take a look at my life, and see what I see, la di da di da da ah ah.

  6. 🤷🏾‍♂️ I actually heard a lot the same stuff she has been saying for years from my industry folks that are road mangers and other folk that have relationships with a lot of the artists. I’ve met a few artists and I honestly can’t say I’m surprised but what I am sure of is that she was more than a willing participant in any shenanigans. Her reputation wasn’t bug but she was with the shits in the early 2000s and was definitely trying to get on for a minute. Additionally, her mental health is clearly on some Kanye shit minus the greed. 🤷🏾‍♂️

  7. Jaguar reminds me of Khia, both of these ladies have a lot of envy and bitterness in their heart because their careers did not quite take off like they thought they would. Jaguar much like Khia has now built a new career off of being messy, both would love to have 1/4 of the career accomplishments that the ladies they drag all the time have. Khia is always dragging Trina over some beef in her head from 20 years ago, and Jaguar is mad at Erykah and Jill because they are both still thriving in the Neo Soul market 20 years after their heyday. Everybody is saying Jaguar Who?? She was talented so was Khia but neither lady made it big like I am sure they thought they was gone make it. Now they are middle age women spewing hateful venom to an audience who is also bitter because their lives didnt pan out for them either-misery loves company. If you ever notice people like this will always boost their career accomplishments, Jaguar is fond of saying how she sold out a show, or how someone stole a song from her that was a million selling hit for another artist, Khia is the same way. These women never celebrate the accomplishments of other women, they always find a way to let you know that they are much better even though they dont have the record sales, awards, or catalogue to prove it. Someone has always done them wrong in the industry. Mary, Jill, Erykah, all are household names and do not have the need to speak ill on other entertainers. If Jaguar is so good, why does she not do an independent project same with Khia. Since they have the public ear see how many people will support their projects. The Azalea girl is the same way, they all have taste of jealousness in their mouth, none of them can accept the fact that the artist they love to talk about dont appear to be struggling to pay the rent like these Bitter Betty’s. All of the artist they drag all have better careers than they will ever have. All of these ladies have burned their bridges much like Monique did in the entertainment industry so being messy and talking about people is all they have left. Also notice how all these bitter women will let some homophobic shit slip out their mouth as well, all the time playing like what great allies they are to the community, knowing the gays will support anyone. Sadly Jaguar is so unknown, she will not even qualify for Unsung.

  8. This ended up in the wrong thread, I meant to post it here:

    It’s funny Jamari posted that gif from the iTunes commercial because Mary, Kerry, and Taraji are known bisexuals in Hollywood.

    Remember those gifs of Alicia grinding on Kerry in front of AJ?

    Word around Howard was Taraji had a whole drug dealing stud girlfriend from Barry Farms who helped her with tuition and things for her son.

    If you grew up in NYC in the late-1990s/early-2000s, then you heard the rumors about Mary dyking it out with Angie, Faith, Latifah, Toni, Lil Kim, and Misa. Mary stayed with a bad bitch/rich bitch.

    I’m a fan of Mary and Jaguar; however, I don’t let my bias cloud my judgment like most people. Jaguar can sing her pussy off and her stage presence is out of this world, but she isn’t popular and didn’t get the push they gave Erykah, Jill, Jazmine, and Jennifer.

    Mary can’t sing a lick, but she’s an amazing storyteller and she’s popular with everyone. She’s had a machine behind her for the last 29 years that has singlehandedly attempted to ruin the careers of female R&B artists whom she feels threatened by.

    Jay Z has a similar machine behind him that does the same with male rappers.
    The machine isn’t benevolent and it’s the reason why we’ll be seeing artists like Mary, Jay, Bey, Bhris, Janet, working way past their prime. They won’t be able to step down while they’re still at the top to make way for new talent.

    The same machine disposed of Whitney, Michael, Aaliyah, Biggie, and Tupac for going against the grain and embracing new talent.

    Plenty of people could corroborate Jaguar’s claims, but I doubt they will out of fear of being blackballed by the psychopathic, gaslighting music industry.

    They know how fake nice when they want to (sound like better artists) and most of them are fake as hell including Jill, Erykah, and Mary. They get close to people they want to swagger jack and then boom, they make that person’s entire reality their own.

    Jill sounds like Jaguar on her first and second albums. Jill would beg Jaguar to go grocery shopping for her because she thought she was too famous and people would recognize her. Jill had Jaguar cooking for her and her husband too. Jaguar would buy out all of the copies of Jill’s Words and Sounds at the record stores and pass them out to people on the street. Watch Jill on stage then watch Jaguar. Identical.

    Erykah sounds like Zap Mama and Georgia Anne Muldrow on her third and fourth albums. Erykah was so obsessed with Jaguar that she wrote Booty from Mama’s Gun about Jaguar’s relationship with Common, and named her daughter after a wild feline. Erykah never even fucked Common, she just strung him along while she let M-1, J. Dilla (S.I.P.), and D.O.C. bust her pussy to the white meat.

    Mary had Terri Robinson and Monica Payne singing her debut album, and Faith Evans singing her second one. They were blindsided by Diddy as session singers, Now her (and Bey) out here sounding like every artist signed to Roc Nation.

    Alicia’s another one, but that’s for another post… nah, fuck it! Alicia was out here sounding like Marsha Ambrosius and Vivian Green until Kerry “Crucial” Brothers dumped her ass in Africa somewhere when he learned she was pregnant by Swizz married ass and flew back to the states. Now she sounds like Snoh Aalegra and Nicole Bus.


    I believe every word Jaguar says.

    1. ^but in believing every word that jaguar says,
      at what point did she have to out her?
      did mary personally do something to make her career not pop?
      because of mary was moving trife with jaguar,
      i could see why jaguar would have motivation to out her.
      mary has been pretty unproblematic and minds her business for the most part.
      all these folks she has been going after have been minding their business.
      she addresses those she had beef with…
      and then went on tangents about other people that probably dont even remember her.

      it’s bizarre.

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