Women’s March = Success

it’s good to see all the snow bunnies ban together for the women’s march.
i’m sure these were the ones who didn’t secretly vote for…
there were also sista vixens there fighting the good fight as well.
i also loved seeing the likes of katy perry and rihanna in the crowds.
i had to wonder if rihanna had security how “in it” she was?

it’s amazing what can happen when folks come together who share a common enemy.

lowkey: have you noticed snow bunnies don’t call each other “sisters”.
black vixens will call a random her “sista”.
snow bunnies don’t seem to follow that “togetherness” until…

videos taken: instagram

8 thoughts on “Women’s March = Success

  1. I attended the march in Washington and I was extremely inspired. It was a really great atmosphere and people coming together for once felt good.

  2. The turnouts pissed Donald off! More participants at the various rallies/protests than attended the Inauguration! LOL

  3. Seeing everyone marching here in Los Angeles was very powerful. There were great speeches and tons of love yesterday. Pretty cool

  4. @fashionandsvedka I was just about to make the same point.

    It’s white women who helped elect Trump, alongside Hispanics and black/white men.

    I’ve come to accept that our patriarchal dominated culture hates women and worship them at the same damn time.

    I’ve come to accept that our racist, patriarchal white male dominated society hates any society where POC,gays,women, immigrants are woke and/or coming into power.

    I’ve come to accept that women are taught from birth to dislike, question, judge other women for being confident, successful, driven, beautiful etc

    I’ve come to accept that nothing matter how stupid, ignorant, bigoted, and unqualified Donald Trump is, there was no real chance at Hillary ever winning the election under the above set of circumstances.

    Her candidacy was flawed at the outset, despite her qualifications and a platform that would’ve strengthened every sector of the population who voted against her.

    Still, I applaud the women’s March for its effort to remind everyone they’re still fighting.. for their reproductive rights, health, physical safety, sexual assault etc.

    Repubs/Trump supporters will call them “bitter” or “upset” because Hillary lost.

    Ppl who haven’t lost their damn mind will understand these women are actually scared of losing their health/reproductive freedom b/c every single person this idiot is appointing in his cabinet is hell bent on dismantling our entire democracy. 😔😓

  5. This women’s march is kind or peculiar to me seeing how the majority of people that voted for Trump were white women. That statement came out before he was elected and they STILL voted for him. I wish they would of marched when Korryn Gaines and Sandra Bland were murdered by the police. But I understand the reasoning behind them marching.

    1. ^it’s strange how two faced they were in this election.
      some snow bunnies really cant be trusted.
      it puzzles me why black wolves fall in their trap.

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