if some of you saw someone like ^this on grindr,
he might pique your interest.
not so much.
he looks clumsy in this get-up.
the benz would be his redeeming factor and Lord knows if it’s his.
derrick patterson,
in the above picture,
was allegedly out here terrorizing gay males out in la for a year and a half.
he was allegedly robbing males he met off grindr.
a foxholer sent in this story per ktla

pretty in purge?

do jackals and hyenas even get arrested anymore these days?
i don’t know if you been in new yawk as of late,
but the “out of control” has been on 1000.
there are crazy people wyldin everywhere including on the train now.
my home vixen’s cousin who works for the mta said it is dangerous on the train nowadays.
bad enough they have people going back into offices amongst the madness.
this recent incident is a perfect example of what we dealing with now:

new yawk has always been wild but it’s def out of control now.
i had to turn off my citizens app because i was getting OD notifications about crime.
apparently out west,
cali is experiencing the purge?…

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when the homophobia jumps out and a demon can’t be contained in los angeles

i always say nothing is more dangerous than the homophobic hyena or jackal.
even if they fuck the same sex,
once the “after nut high” wears off,
that’s when the demon might emerge.
many have suffered or died because of it.
a hyena out in la was randomly attacking and stabbing gay males.
a foxholer sent me this story via “la times“…

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jussie smollett says he’s the gay tupac (and the doubters will deal)

ya know…
i dunno.
so jussie smollett is back to work.
he had a recent concert at the troubadour in la,
where he addressed his injuries and still put on a show…

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Women’s March = Success

it’s good to see all the snow bunnies ban together for the women’s march.
i’m sure these were the ones who didn’t secretly vote for…
there were also sista vixens there fighting the good fight as well.
i also loved seeing the likes of katy perry and rihanna in the crowds.
i had to wonder if rihanna had security how “in it” she was?

it’s amazing what can happen when folks come together who share a common enemy.

lowkey: have you noticed snow bunnies don’t call each other “sisters”.
black vixens will call a random her “sista”.
snow bunnies don’t seem to follow that “togetherness” until…

videos taken: instagram

Chris Brown Gets The “Duh” of The Day

tumblr_nmq8h77hFs1rirxvyo1_500yes chris.
walk over and stand in the corner with your poncho.
check the alleged revelation our chris had…
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