jussie smollett says he’s the gay tupac (and the doubters will deal)

ya know…
i dunno.
so jussie smollett is back to work.
he had a recent concert at the troubadour in la,
where he addressed his injuries and still put on a show…

he’s good.
when i slip and fell in my tub last year,
i landed on my ribs.
it was in the morning before work too.
it knocked the wind right out of me that i thought i was gonna die.
i immediantely rose up out the tub.
i remember crying like an entire bitch as i walked around in a circle.
i was still able to get to work,
but i was in so much pain.
i could not fuckin’ turn my body for the life of me.
not only that,
i had bad swelling that had me looking bad bodied.
it was an entire mess.

i didn’t have health insurance at the time,
but i was told from numerous folks that i may have brusied my ribs.
they told me it would take weeks to heal,
which it did.
jussie may not have experienced what i did because he’s dancing.
i had hell walking,

and wearing my bag.
i don’t even remember how i got through that shit.
i woulda cancelled everything and been on bed rest until spring.
it’s good to see jussie not letting it get the best of him.
his quote from that night tho:

“And above all, I fought the (expletive) back,” he said to cheers.

Then he paused and said, emphatically but with a laugh, “I’m the gay Tupac.”


pac took a few bullets before he met his demise.
don’t say that again.
i can feel my own roots being ripped out by that dragging.

lowkey: funky dineva ain’t fuckin with the black gays who don’t believe jussie…

article cc: the washington post

see more of jussie performing: instagram

15 thoughts on “jussie smollett says he’s the gay tupac (and the doubters will deal)

  1. This been going on for so long. Like a live version of an Empire episode or that episode of Noah’s Arc where Noah got Ike’d at the gas station.

    1. That dude is sick. I recall seeing him trolling some other gay-friendly blogs. His self-homophobia is sad.

  2. I think what people don’t understand or refuse to accept is the concept of positionality. Right now, Jussie is a young (35 or 36), attractive openly gay black man whose career is on the rise since being on a highly watched national TV show. Many may believe that this doesn’t matter but I would say they are lying to themselves. No one in Jussie’s position is going to be roaming the streets of Chicago at 2 am cruising, someone in Jussie’s position with his access and connects is not going to be on some publicly available dating app trying to hook up with some random Joe. Its different if you are closeted/ Dl and you haven’t come to terms with your sexual identity and you have to balance that with publicly heterosexual persona; but again that doesn’t appear to be the case with Jussie.
    What even more disappointing is that it appears that these rumors and speculations are being pushed by black people especially those in the so called “conscious movement”, now all of a sudden people are some hybrid of Jessica Fletcher and Columbo out to solve a mystery. Crazy thing is where was all of this detective work when the black girl Jazmine Barnes was shot and killed by the allege white man only to find out that it was some black people involved (although that might be a scape goat ) or the case of Zavion Parker the teenager who said he was abducted by white supremacists only to be determined that the story was untrue. Also, for a second can we address these alleged holes, what holes; the actual assault wasn’t captured on film as of yet but news flash even in 2019 most criminal activity is not captured on film. Then there is this idea that Jussie doesn’t want to turn over his phone and that that is somehow an indication of him lying ; here’s another news flash given many young people today have nudes, dick picks, explicit conversations, not to mention his contacts of some pretty important people I wouldn’t want to just hand over my phone to the police so that my nudes can be anonymously leaked online

  3. I believed Jussie, but something is just not sitting right with me about this story now. It’s starting to seem staged, and him reading a written statement is no help.

    Men come out of nowhere conveniently in masks? Then officers reported he denied them examining his phone and medical attention. Why is he dramatizing the story like he wasn’t offered help?

  4. The gays are doing too much over Jussie and the blacks are doing too much over 21 Savage… can we all just attack Liam Neeson and the mess he just confessed. SMH

  5. They didn’t say nothing about LeBron James’s racist graffiti a lot of people said that was fake there were no video of The person who spray-painted Lebron James house

  6. Will people stop with this get “behind our own nonsense”? His story is full of holes and I trust nothing coming out of Hollywood. At least his concert sold out Sat night though.

    1. Like LaBon James story About his house being spray paint with racist words By so called racist white boy And there was no video footage of that incident and people did not question Le Bron James Story and see if it was accurate

  7. I literally just had to say the same thing Dineva said to a naysayer that commented on my post about Jussie. Its sickening that someone cant get behind one of our own just because they wanna say they were right about a situation.

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