i bet some black dicks ain’t hard over tomi lahren today

as you know,
21 savage was detained by ice and may get deported.

everyone is pretty outraged,
as am i.
i’ve forgotten all about tomi lahren.
i remember when all the black wolves dicks got hard for this:

…and then in typical she snow-jackal fashion,
she does this about 21 savage…

 their precious snow queen showed her natural tail.
black wolves still haven’t learned about them?

i learned how some of them truly operate in corporate america.
of course,
she got a dragging from every end of twitter.
some from the same wolves whose dicks were hard once before.
many rappers came for her head too.
nicki stepped up to play,
in which tomi responded:

as well as cardi:

did trevor noah and charlamagne get in on the dragging too?


i remember how hard they were “trying to figure her out”.

lowkey: ya’ll got demi lovato outta here too…

she woulda been excited for a feature from 21 tho.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “i bet some black dicks ain’t hard over tomi lahren today”

  1. Exactly tho. I agree wholeheartedly that this kicking folks when they down (shit) is some major BS. Demi puts out some great stuff but let’s not forget your ass was just under the covers not too long ago siding from the world. We’re all people just trying to survive in this big ass world. And as for Tomi if you ain’t got nothin nice to say, just go and lock yourself in a cave ( oops, GOT spoiler).

  2. UGH…I just wish the earth would open up and swallow Tomi Lahren whole at this point. Like, for all the bullshit she spews about immigrants didn’t a genealogist discover that her grandfather had been in the country for 40+ years and spoke NO ENGLISH. As well as a grandmother on the other side of her family in a similar situation…plus, she’s constantly getting exposed for doing things in DIRECT opposition of the “beliefs” that she talks about and just switches sides with no hesitation. & she gets defended by people on BOTH sides of the aisle! Remember when her abortions got outed and a bunch of white people tried to flip the narrative to say that everyone was coming down on her because she was (conveniently) “pro-choice” and not because for years prior to the reveal she had been working along side and supporting people that were “pro-life”. She’s a joke & not a very good one at that. & the issue is you can’t check her because like Ann Coulter she feeds off the attention, uses it up her social standing and then in classic snow bunny fashion plays the innocent victim that doesn’t understand why everyone is always attacking her, when she can no longer stand the heat. Like, to actually say your ancestors “discovered” a place that already had a THRIVING population?? She’s absolutely disgusting.

    Also, Wale is right. I feel like a bit of a hypocrite because a lot of the jokes and the memes had me rolling tbh…but he’s right. Instead of rallying behind this man that came here when he was a child and is being deported back to a country that he does not know, we let it become a joke due to who he is. As social media becomes more integral to our daily lives, things like this are only going to get worse…

  3. “Go Queen.” LMFAO, I’m not even going to talk about that. Carrying on…

    Ok, let’s make the distinction between social media making fun of how he pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes regarding his nationality (he’s originally from the U.K. or Dominica and had everyone thinking he was born and raised in the States) and social media mocking ICE coming for him out of the blue. And the meme Demi originally commented on (something to do with writing with a feather lol) was regarding that.

    Tomi just can’t seem to stay out of black folk business, can’t she…???

    Anywho, I hope this situation goes over well soon ’cause I heard 21’s really trying to change his life for the better.

  4. People should have came for this bum bitch the same way they came at Demi. Only difference is this whore feeds off this kind of attention. Its what she craves.

    I’m in the minority but I don’t see the issue with what Demi did. Folks were laughing at the memes about him being British, not his deportation. The selective faux outrage is ridiculous. And I don’t even like Demi lol

  5. Let’s not believe that niggas are above still trying to fuck Tomato laughlin even if she’s racist. Anyways fuck her and them coons that are going to still defend her, I don’t like how that Demi situation was handled like she literally laughed at something that was actually harmless and funny and people really came at her on some “You crackhead ass bitch” stuff like damn we was all laughing at this what is different about her laughing at it?

  6. Once again spoiled milk is spewing conjecture regarding Black issues. White women act like they’re allergic minding their business.

  7. So sometimes its about What’s not being said. In this case Demi Lovato and Tomi Lahren are irrelevant. The bigger issue and what’s not being said in reality is that 21 Savage should’ve been deported a long time ago and the fact that he wasn’t is another example of the system in place not protecting black people.
    Can we have an honest conversation for a moment, I totally get it and totally believe that we need prison reform and criminal justice reform and that a lot of people who are in jail don’t really belong there. That being said , 21 Savage was a danger to the Black community, he was expelled for gun possession in the 7th grade, is a high school dropout, joined a gang and participated in gang activities including robberies and auto theft ( although no convictions), was convicted on felony drug charges and after his conviction was found to be in possession of a gun which means he was a felon in possession of a gun which is another crime. Had 21 Savage not found a way out “so to speak” through music it is more likely than not that some young black man or woman would become another victim of his crimes. I guess I’m conflicted because what should we honestly do and how should we honestly feel, given the prejudice system we live in, with black people who are in our community causing harm to other black people; or people in general regardless of race. Should dangerous black people in our community get a pass simply because they are black?

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