neil winters, played by kristoff st. john, has left us (rip)

i remember my mother was obsessed with “young and the restless”.
as a cub,
i’d remember her watching that  soap every chance she got.
she would even set the vcr to record so she’d watch it at night.
because of this,
i rememberedneil winters” very well.
he was played by the soap legend,
kristoff st. john

i know he was married to drucilla,
who was played by victoria rowell.
i never really watched the show all like that,
but i remember the relationship with dru.
they were like the most famous black couple in the soap opera world.
i remember when dru cheated on neil with shemar moore’s character.
shemar is another one who made me realize i was gay.
i remember the episide when she first slept with him.
well kristoff shocked the world with his passing away today.
he was 52 and still very young.
he left behind quite the legacy in “young and the restless” tho.
he hasn’t been the same since his son took his own life.
i had to wonder if that played a part in his sudden death today?
either way,
he will always be remembered as “neil winters”.
i hope he’s able to rest peacefully.
if my mother was alive,
i’m sure she would have bawled.

Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “neil winters, played by kristoff st. john, has left us (rip)”

  1. Oh my heart truly breaks reading this Young and the restless was such an active part of my childhood and I remember like is yesterday when my mom and my grandma absolutely delighted in the fact that they added black characters the show and it all started with aunt Mamie lol! They added so much flavor that show very ground breaking for that time oh the memories but oh so sad when I think about how we are losing all our legends so soon may he and James Ingram and so many others rest in power.

  2. Damn this is an ol skool cutie. He aged nicely too. My condolences to his people. We are losing them way too young this decade. The 80s and 90s was a helluva time huh?

  3. I was shocked and saddened this morning when I read this news. The Young and the Restless was always on our televisions when I was growing up. My mom watched this show and I slowly grew familiar with the characters. With Kristoff’s lost of his son Julian in 2014 many were saying Kristoff took his own life. Some are saying he drank himself to death. I’m just stunned by this news.

  4. OMG, my mom was the VCR watch at night then discuss w/ my grandma type too w/ this show, lol… those were the good days.

  5. Definitely R.I.P to kristoff st. john, yeah just as stated strangely enough I never really watch the show, but my mom had it on all the time back in the day I definitely remember him being married to Drucilla on the show. 52 is way to young you have to wonder what the cause of death was.

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