charlie has a new job! (he does a good job of stopping traffic already)

as you know,
or didn’t,
charlie won “foxhole wolf of the year” for 2018.
he came out of nowhere.
i ended up cummin too.
well marvin has been promoting tf outta charlie on his ig.
it’s no secret that he’s his best client.
well charlie had a new eye candy teaser video.
i’ll never look at crossing guards the same…

and some “bts”:

pull me over daddy.
ya know,
i think charlie is sexy af,
but i find him more interesting in marvin’s shoots.
he’s kinda boring outside of that.

he dresses nice
he travels
he lip-syncs to songs
he knows his angles

i mean,
most of marvin’s models are kinda boring outside the shoots.
no doubt it doesn’t stop them from getting pussy,
but i don’t think they’d have much to offer in a conversation.
with a face and bawdy like charlies…

Do you really want him to talk tho?

pictures and videos cc: charlie | marvin bienaime 

8 thoughts on “charlie has a new job! (he does a good job of stopping traffic already)

  1. He’s too perfect… is his grill fucked up or something? I’m sorry yall but the verdict is still out on this one for me.

  2. Don’t get me wrong..he is good looking but I only got the first few times after seeing him. Now he’s just that dude again but I mean is nice looking. I hate when he does that thing with his tongue though. He looks like the type tooplay a role in Zane Chronicles. Plenty of booty shots.

  3. He’s one of the finest guys I’ve seen… and for some reason I’m getting bisexual vibes, which makes him even more attractive to me. I could be wrong though lol.

    SIDENOTE: In that clip of him in the pizza shop, you can tell that he’s sick of being filmed. He basically rolled his eyes in disgust when Marvin talked. Poor guy. It must suck to have to pretend to like someone just $700 a day.

  4. He is sexy but yeah I can definitely see him being a cornball when he open that mouth. Hell some of his moves in the teaser were corny lol. I still let him hit but he’d have to get out in the morning.

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